How to enable Cortana in Windows 10?

Relatively recently stationary and mobileWindows-systems acquired an interesting tool in the form of an intelligent assistant, or rather, an assistant called Cortana, which in many ways resembles Siri from Apple. Initially, it is targeted at several countries in Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and China. Therefore, if you decide how to include Cortana in Russia, you can not do without observing a few obligatory conditions. Whether you like it or not, the Russian assistant does not know how to speak. That is, trying to activate the Russian version in any case does not work.

How to enable Cortana (Windows 10): required conditions

Since the Russian version is still(although Microsoft experts promised to present this software product by the end of 2016), our users who would like to use all the features of Cortana, there is nothing else than to activate the version with any of the six supported languages ​​(English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian).

cortana how to turn on

In the question of how to enable Cortana on Windows,The first unspoken condition can be called the possession of the user by at least one of the above languages. However, if the user can ask a question, the assistant will not understand it, since in the majority of the post-Soviet countries, versions of Windows with the Russian-language interface are used. In addition, thanks to the default geolocation, the location is indicated accordingly. Thus, the main algorithm at the initial stage includes changes in the user's language and region (the latter condition, unlike mobile systems, is not mandatory).

Change the system language and region

So, before us is the problem of howinclude Cortana. Windows 10 will be reviewed due to the fact that it is this system that is gaining unprecedented popularity. On the outdated OS, even with the download of the distribution kit to install Cortana there is absolutely no point. Anyway it will not give effect. First of all, it is necessary to change the language of the system so that the assistant can give tips and hints, understanding the names of the system components and processes (for the present they are all presented in Russian).

cortana how to enable windows 10

How do I enable Cortana? First of all, the options menu is called up, where the time and language section is selected, after which the language and region item is used. Here you need to select the desired language (for example, take English) and set it as the default for the system used by default.

how to enable cortana on windows

But the assistant does not know how to speak, so we press the button on the right and proceed to load a special speech file (in our case for English).

Activation steps for Cortana

Next, in the question of how to turn on Cortana,you need to activate voice recognition so that the virtual assistant understands you. This is done from the corresponding section, where the language is indicated, on which you will speak.

how to include cortana in russia

That there were no problems, let's say, when you do nothave a pure pronunciation or use some dialect, a little later you need to check the box to recognize the non-native accents of the specified language. After all these actions are completed, you need to perform a full restart of the system, and after downloading you will see the fully English interface.

how to enable cortana windows phone

Now in solving the problem of how to turn onCortana, you need to activate it. First, the search is used, in which the button with the gear is pressed on the left, and the line for activating the mode of issuing hints, ideas, reminders, notifications, etc. (Cortana can give ...) to the right is marked.

You can also go to the settings and enable the helper's call when you pronounce the Hey, Cortana phrase, marking the Let Cortana respond ... line. After that, you can start the conversation safely.

Note: Once you change the system language to Russian, the assistant will automatically become unavailable. If you select one of the supported languages ​​for them, you will have to download the corresponding voice file again.

How do I enable Cortana (Windows Phone)?

As for mobile devices with Windows Phoneon board, then in them the scheme of actions is practically the same. How to enable Cortana on such a smartphone? In the settings, the language of the system changes first, the region of residence of the United States is obligatorily indicated, and the smartphone is restarted completely.

cortana how to turn on

After downloading the helper will appear in the list, but, again, in the form of an English-language version, with which you can communicate in exactly the same way as in stationary Windows-systems.

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