How to dry the cellar from excess moisture

With the onset of autumn in the life of all gardeners becomes one problem more: how to save the entire harvest. It's no secret that all the grown vegetables and fruits, and subsequently the cans with roll-ups, are put in storage in the cellar. But over the summer season the air there has become heavy, unpleasant and damp. And then the question arises, how to prepare the cellar for the winter?

how to dry the cellar

First thing

How can you start all the work? First of all, it is necessary to bring to the fresh air everything that is stored inside:

  • pallets;
  • racks;
  • bins;
  • box;
  • shelves.

All these storage tools must be cleaned and thoroughly washed with warm water with soap and soda. After that, the structure must be completely dried and ventilated in the fresh air.

For the purpose of disinfection, all wooden structures are treated with a solution of copper sulphate, and then they are picked up. If you do not trust the old “old-fashioned” method, then you can purchase a special antifungal compound that will also perfectly cope with this difficult task.

After the procedures, you can proceed to the treatment of the walls and floor of the cellar.First of all, they need to be washed and treated with a solution of copper sulphate to prevent mold. Only after performing such actions can you start drying the cellar.

The easiest way to dry

how to dry the cellar in the house

It may seem to many that it is enough just to air the cellar. Alas, it is not. The air in this room is very humid, stagnant, and most importantly - heavy. That is why just opening the door will not help. All my life only aired the room and only after some time began to ask themselves the question of how to dry the cellar properly.

The simplest way to fight with musty and stagnant air is to add an extra hood. All that needs to be done is to extend the ventilation inlet almost to the floor, and under it place a jar with a candle (it will create the desired craving). Thus the musty air will leave the cellar. To create an initial draft, you can burn a sheet of paper, then substitute a candle in the ventilation pipe. With the help of such a device after a few days not a drop of moist air will remain in the cellar.But you should not forget to leave the front door open - this will provide fresh air.

How to warm the cellar

Of course, the option with a candle is not the only one. There are many ways to deal with excessive moisture. For example, warming up. Today in the shops you can find all sorts of special thermal appliances. They allow both to dry the cellar and use them in everyday life for another purpose.

how to dry the cellar in the garage

The most popular device is a heat gun. With it, you can very well warm the walls of the cellar. To do this, it is enough to send in the right direction and leave it for some time. Despite the fact that this method is quite easy, not everyone uses it. And then the question again arises how to dry the cellar on the street.

Formerly, a bonfire was made for this procedure. But, of course, this is not the safest option. It was replaced by an easy-to-use device - a roaster. Make it not be easy. It is enough to take a metal bucket, make legs for it, or just put bricks along the edges, punch small holes at the bottom.After this construction, you need to load the chips and ignite. When the flame inflames well, you can add large logs to the fire.

The brazier is placed in the cellar. The flames from it will not only dry all the walls, but also expel the old, stagnant air, and the smoke will kill all the fungi and bacteria that lived there before. This procedure is more efficient than a regular fire, and also much safer.

how to dry the cellar on the street

How to make the cellar well ventilated

Often the air in the cellar is stale and stale, and getting rid of it is quite difficult. This problem can be solved by installing additional ventilation.

For proper air circulation, it is necessary to make two mines at different ends of the room. For ventilation it is better to use pipes with a diameter of about 15 centimeters. They must let air flow in and out. Do not forget to maintain the temperature. In winter, it should be between -2 and +5 degrees Celsius. If everything is done correctly, then the question of how to dry the cellar will not constantly bother. All that needs to be done is to sanitize the room well.

How to dry the cellar after flooding

With the arrival of spring every summer resident suffers.After all, there is nowhere to go from the melting snow, and all this water will certainly gather in the cellar. So where do you start work?

First of all, you need to completely drain the water. This is best done with a pump. After the water level reaches the minimum value, it is necessary to remove all wooden structures from the cellar. If possible, then throw them away altogether. You can dry the cellar using a roaster. In this situation, this method will be the most effective (it was described above).

how to dry the cellar after flooding

Drying the cellar in the garage

Not all owners put their products and supplies in a separate room from the house. Many do not have such an opportunity, so they equip their cellars, for example, in garages. But there is another problem: how to dry the cellar in the garage?

For this procedure, most of the methods described above in the article are suitable. But there are more effective means. For example, in any agricultural store, you can consult on how to dry the cellar, and most likely, the seller will advise using a sulfur checker for this. In terms of efficiency, it is comparable to a brazier, but it does not emit such an amount of heat and smoke.

Those who know how to remove moisture from the cellar using a brazier, and deny all other methods, you need to take care of the construction of the hood, so that everything there is not smoked from the smoke.

Cellar in the house

how to remove moisture from the cellar

Small living space makes the most use of all space. Therefore, often people have to equip the cellar directly in the house. Yes, this is not the most convenient option, but nothing can be done.

In such a situation, it becomes difficult to find the answer to the question of how to dry the cellar in the house, because the frypot there cannot be used - all the walls will be smoked. The variant with the use of a candle is not so simple, and not everyone can find a heat gun.

So, how to dry the cellar in the house, if there is such a need? According to tradition, before proceeding to the whole action, everything should be taken out of the cellar. Then dry all the walls, best of all with the help of electric heaters (a regular heater is quite suitable). After that, all surfaces must be treated with an agent against bacteria and fungi and to improve the waterproofing of the basement to prevent such cases.

Expensive way to dry

Many people find it easier to pay money than to do the work themselves. For them, they invented a special way to dry the basement - by injection. This is the most difficult and expensive method of all presented above, which consists in the introduction of special hydro insulators into the ground by a pump. These injections are made around the perimeter of the cellar and prevent the penetration of moisture into it.

The cellar is undoubtedly one of the most important premises in the household. Its construction must be carefully considered. But if you still need to dry the cellar urgently, then in that case only the improvement of waterproofing and the installation of a newer ventilation system will help.

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