How to drive fast?

The technics of high-speed driving by car / bicycle can be mastered by everyone. The main thing for this is to have a good vehicle, a place for training and follow useful advice.

How to drive fast by car: tips

The technician of high-speed driving is very much. They will help to learn how to drive fast and at the same time safely special schools of extreme driving.

Such educational institutions are now available in manycities of the Russian Federation. The training is conducted by masters of motor sport, former or current racers, including winners of eminent regional and international competitions. Usually, three types of classes are offered, different in complexity, duration and cost of courses: for novice drivers, for professionals, for athletes. Quite often, such schools offer all kinds of paid entertainment for their clients: rally days, corporate races, etc. You can find a similar school in your city and choose for yourself a suitable course of study.

We offer you some general recommendations, following which you will be able to drive quickly and correctly.

  • Start. To do this, 30 seconds before the start, we squeeze the clutch, turn on the gear and wait for the moment when the clutch is palpable. Further, by applying alternating minimum (!) Forces to the clutch pedal, we achieve the effect of rocking the machine - we prepare it for an active start at the given moment. Always start only when the front wheels are directly exposed.
  • Overclocking. It has three stages: it starts (a pair of turns of the wheels); partial throttling (maintain a slight slip of the wheels - first with gas and clutch, and then only with gas); the third is the full throttle.
  • Gear shift. We carry out without reducing the speed. Do not drive the engine to maximum speed, that is, driving the car "into the tightness."
  • Turns. Before entering the smooth turn of the route, reset the gas, turn the steering wheel to the minimum possible angle and then carefully straighten the trajectory, smoothly returning the steering wheel to its original position. Do not brake and do not turn the steering wheel during the maneuver or at the end. But in order to quickly drive a car in a city with its turns at 90 degrees, we use other equipment. We enter the turn more sharply, just tightening the entry point, and after it we add gas (then we only increase the gas). Do not touch the zero position of the steering wheel, instead, if necessary, make 2-3 sharp short turns to the direction of the demolition (but by no means in the direction of skidding!).
  • Stop. Deceleration is performed according to the scheme "smooth pressing of the pedal to the first signs of a short-term blocking of the wheels - easing the effort - increasing the effort - weakening - build-up" until a complete stop.

You can train both outside the city (on a good asphalt), and in its line. In particular, on the tracks and in the organized races of street racers (you can learn about them from forums and social networks).

Learning to ride a bike fast

Speed ​​is considered to be cycling at 22-30 km / h, and indicators more than 32 km / h already refer to racing. To master the technique of fast cycling, you need:

  • Develop a training scheme appropriateyour level of preparation. In particular, it can be the following: rest - interval training (alternating work and rest) - endurance training (either long or fast) - intensive training (keep the pulse at 70-80% of its maximum) - rest - race is a calm long endurance training.
  • We need to combine bike training with warming up and stretching, walking and running, general development exercises.
  • Observe the rules of fast driving. In particular, give up the increased gears - they reduce the pedaling frequency (cadence). Rotate the pedals at a speed of 80-100 rotations per minute. Make sure that the cadence remains the same even when changing gears. Use the contact pedals. Rise in the saddle to overcome a short climb or warm up.

The best places for training will be the country territory (especially if it's cross country), highways or specially equipped cycle tracks in the city.

Safety at fast driving

Movement at high speeds is always associated withrisks to life and health (both for you and for other participants in the movement), and therefore before you go to auto or bicycle riders, solve the issue of providing protection for yourself and third parties.

  • Get a vehicle, enoughPowerful and hardy for driving at higher speeds. For bikes is a professional or semi-professional mountain bike, road, track. If it comes to auto, then at least improve its vital "organs": suspension, engine, gearbox, brakes.
  • Also, take care of the availability of reliable airbags and a first aid kit.
  • Buy special equipment. For riding a bicycle, you will definitely need a helmet and safety glasses and shorts / suit, gloves. Always work with the heart rate monitor to avoid overloading. Street racers on cars tuned for racing rarely use protection, because it is inconvenient. However, if you master the car, then for you helmet, gloves and protective suit are mandatory.

Observe the basic rules of driving:

  • For auto. Make sure that there is never excessive pressure on the body, jerks of the car, sudden braking at increased speed. This racer works with the pedals, gear shifting smoothly - for racing this is a must. Wheels (preferably all four) should go in close contact with the track. Be sure to master the technique of contravariant control of the machine at high speed in conditions of poor visibility, on a slippery, wet road.
  • For bicycles. Avoid sudden braking, sharp turns, which at high speed can simply knock you out of the saddle.

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