How to drink green tea?

Homeland of green tea called China. But despite this, he became popular in the west. Russia also has a huge number of connoisseurs of good green tea. So that the people of our country know how to drink green tea, they need to understand the true traditions of its use.

How to brew green tea

  1. Properly brew green tea - the whole science. To begin with, you should warm the kettle for brewing. This should be done by rinsing it with boiling water. Make sure that the kettle is heated from all sides. If you do not warm up the kettle, the required water temperature will change when brewing in a cold container, and accordingly the taste of the tea will be different.
  2. Boil water. Do not allow re-boiling or warming the water, use only water boiled for the first time. To brew green tea correctly, you need a temperature of 60 ° to 70 °. To do this, wait a little for the water to become not so hot. When using boiling water, the taste of tea becomes too bitter.
  3. Put the brew. The amount of tea leaf in a teapot should not exceed a quarter of it.volume. Some count 1 teaspoon teaspoon for 1 cup.
  4. Fill the water and close the lid of the kettle. Do not do with one lid, prepare a napkin or towel, cover your teapot with them. Thus, the aroma and special oils will not go anywhere, and you will enjoy green tea to the fullest.
  5. We wait. Properly brewed green tea you will receive if the first brew will not last longer than two minutes. To brew green tea again, wait 3-4 minutes. Then you can brew it again, it will take about 4 minutes.

How to drink green tea

What does it mean correctly, you say ... And this means drinking tea, strengthening health and uplifting. Before you take the first sip of green tea, bring your face to the cup. In addition, you will feel the excellent aroma, the skin of the face is saturated with beneficial vapors and oils. Then slowly take the first small sip. If you have brewed tea correctly, it will not be hot, and you will be able to experience the taste of green tea in your mouth. Continue to drink green tea in small sips, not hurrying anywhere, thinking about something pleasant.This tradition came to us from the east, where during the tea ceremony it is customary to go into your inner world, to know yourself, reflecting on your desires and actions. When you finish drinking green tea, bring yourself back to reality. Perhaps now you come to mind a new solution to a protracted problem.

It used to be that it was wrong to drink green tea with sugar. Now scientists have proved that when adding sugar, green tea does not lose its beneficial properties. But many people prefer to replace sugar with raisins or honey. Choosing honey, do not put it in tea, eat, biting.

Also, do not need to drink green tea with meals. Arrange a tea ceremony separately. Although the Russian people can not do without food, and be sure to have some sweets on the table. In this case, just eat the sweetness, and only then take a sip of green tea.

They write that it will be right to drink green tea with milk and lemon. In this combination, the beneficial properties of tea will not disappear.

Properly drink green tea for weight loss should be 2-3 times a day. You can eat lean meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, rice and buckwheat. Do not eat buns, pies and very fatty foods.In addition to green tea, you can drink water and other herbal teas as a liquid. To drink green tea to lose weight in such doses should not be more than a month. Children, pregnant and lactating women can not use such a diet! Elderly people with cardiovascular and kidney problems should also not drink green tea in such quantities.

Choosing high quality green tea, a person can be sure that during the second and third brewing, the tea will lose neither taste nor benefit.

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