How to drink Becherovka?

Becherovka is a famous liqueur produced in the Czech Republic by pharmacist Jan Becher. Although the drink is over two hundred years old, it appeared in our stores relatively recently. In a short time, this delicious liqueur managed to gain popularity.

An unusual flat bottle of green color with a bright yellow label is striking. Today this bottle is one of the most recognizable in the world.

Becherovka: composition and features

The drink itself with a strength of 38% has an original strong taste and aroma, tends to stimulate digestion. Initially, the liqueur was produced as a remedy for the treatment of gastric diseases; accordingly, it was sold in pharmacies.

The composition Becherovka included local and imported herbs. The proportions of herbs are precisely observed, adhering to the original recipe. The composition also includes water brought specifically from Karlovy Vary. Old oak barrels give an inimitable flavor. And the air temperature in the basement for storage ensures high quality. Laboratories of the company continuously monitor the chemical processes of infusion.All this allows producing liqueur of always invariable taste and quality.

The liqueur recipe was kept secret for a long time. And only when the famous pharmacist told the secret of making the drink to his son, the production of liqueur gained in scale.

Later, under the brand of Czech liquor Becherovka began to produce various drinks:

  • Flavored with citrus and kumquat Becherovka Lemond. A drink with a strength of 20% seems to be specifically created for the young public. The design of the bottle was invented by a famous designer from England, Martin Blunt, it is of the same oval shape as a bottle for a classic liqueur, but with an “ice” coating applied, and the label is made by spraying.
  • Becherovka Cordial liqueur on herbs, lime blossom and white wine appeared only recently, in 2008. This pleasant-tasting drink of golden color is drunk with ice. If you do not know what to drink liquor, then you can safely combine it with hot chocolate, coffee and tea.
  • Drink from Czech water, high quality alcohol, sugar and a mixture of 30 different spices of herbs Becherovka Original. This liqueur has a strength of 38%, as well as the classic Becherovka liqueur. How to drink this version of liquor? Often it is used in its pure form, but is drunk and, adding to tea or coffee.

We drink Becherovka liquor correctly

I will share with you how to drink Becherovka. Most of the connoisseurs of this drink drink it clean. So did two hundred years ago. It is believed that in this way you will be able to fully feel the aroma of herbs and a unique taste. In the Czech Republic, they drink it from brandy glasses before dinner or very late. It is pleasant to talk with this tasty drink in close company. Also, residents of the Czech Republic like to add it to tea or coffee. Naturally, time passes and makes its own changes, and many people know how to drink becherovka, modern fashion offers to drink it chilled or with ice, as well as mix in cocktails.

Becherovka liqueur: cocktails

And Becherovka cocktails are different:

  • Cocktail In-Ocean (Blue Ocean), it will turn blue, this is his charm. In a shaker, mix 40 ml of Becherovka, 20 ml of Blue Curacao liqueur, 150 ml of Top Topic drink or natural juice of grapes, add ice. Pour into a tall glass, and you can decorate with an orange slice and a sprig of mint.
  • The original cocktail "Tears Raquel" is prepared simply. Pour 50 ml of Becherovka into the beaker in layers, then 50 ml of Triple Seca (orange liqueur), ignite the top layer when serving. Looks beautiful.
  • Cocktail c beautiful name Bejito is a bit like B-Ocean.In a shaker, mix 40 ml of Becherovka, 150 ml of black currant juice, 50 ml of soda or tonic, add crushed ice. A cocktail is served in a tall glass decorated with a slice of orange, and mint leaves are laid out on the surface.

Visit the Czech Republic, try the wonderful liqueur and feel the fullness of taste and mood.

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