How to draw hair?

The ability to draw can always help out. But in order to learn how to draw beautifully, all you need is to develop some skills in yourself, since there are quite clear algorithms for step-by-step drawing of people, objects, landscapes. Such tips are very useful to those who are not particularly developed visual memory. An important detail in depicting people, fairytale characters, or fantastic creatures is how to draw hairstyles.

Fundamental rules

  • First of all, you need to remember that the hairstyle is to a large extent an expression of a person’s personality. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this process. Very clearly, this is manifested in the drawing of cartoon characters, where the hairstyle is often a hint of the character of the character.
  • Creating such hairstyles, drawing them should be as close to reality as possible in order to avoid artificiality. Hairstyles drawn in pencil will look quite natural. The main thing to take into account is that the separately traced strands of hair and their bunches will give the image a natural look.
  • The contour of the hair can be slightly curled to the bottom of a curved line. This technique, when the lower boundary is more sinuous than the upper one, is very popular in the technique of creating anime hairstyle, how to draw that we now understand. To get a beautiful haircut in this style, you need to master the correct drawing of the strands and their associations. In the future, this will become the basis for creating the forms of character hairstyles you need.

Ways to draw hair

There are various ways of drawing individual strands, everything will depend on the nature and characteristics of your character. After that, you can independently collect the hair of the anime hero in the style most suitable for this genre. You can once again review your favorite anime, and get some idea from there. To make the hair more voluminous, it is worthwhile in each separate strand to draw one of the lines more sinuous, in relation to the previous one.

Drawing hairstyles with a pencil in this case will be quite convenient, since you can draw the hair in as detailed as your character requires using a well-sharpened pencil.At the same time it is worth adding additional strands. Pay attention to small details, because the thickness of the strands, their bends, length, ruffled - in general, any such characteristics - are key to transfer the individual characteristics of your character. And do not forget that a large number of individual strands give the hair a more natural look. So you need to spend enough time on this process.

It will be interesting to experiment with twisting curls, or try hairstyles with the effect of flowing hair. This will give a lively character. If you are wondering how to draw a beautiful hairstyle, be sure to remember that hair grows all over the back of the scalp, as well as from the forehead to the back of the neck. This fact must be adhered to when drawing so that the hairstyle is realistic.

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