How to draw a god?

Artists have come up with many ways to draw the gods. The plot of the paintings is quite varied: it may be Zeus the Thunderer, with a thrill of blistering lightning, or the lord of the deep sea Poseidon, or a figure majestically sitting on a heavenly throne. But whatever the character depicted, the approach to its creation should be with full responsibility. After all, the future of God must be endowed with special divine features. So how to draw a god?

First, a few general recommendations. Gods are not just humans. It is necessary to show their greatness and power. This effect can be achieved by identifying the musculature of the body, performing several lines of deep vertical wrinkles on the face and horizontal lines on the forehead. The eyebrows of the heroes “hang” over the eyes and almost unite on the bridge of the nose.

How to draw the god Zeus

Our character will stand majestically in full growth above the clouds, holding a round ball of lightning in a mighty hand. 1. Draw a circle for the head, draw a neckline. Then we draw a figure, which will later become a body, to it - shoulders, lines of hands.

  • Draw a face.First beard and hair at the front of the head. After that, you can add a few detailed lines in the beard area, then go to the next step.
  • We continue to draw hair to our god, we draw an ear. Go to the shoulders and chest of Zeus. Carefully trace the muscle lines of his torso, powerful biceps and abs.
  • We add embossed hands, then we draw bracelets on wrists. To add color, draw some Greek symbols on the bracelet. Getting to the eyes. Now we draw the left hand, as well as the round lightning sphere held by the thunderbolt.
  • We finish the powerful hands. We now turn to the shroud, which in the Greek manner has been transferred over Zeus' shoulder. After that, at the waist level, draw the lines of the folds, and then the skirt.
  • The final step is to draw the legs and sandals. In conclusion, we add lines in the field of clothing. It's time to erase all the auxiliary lines that appeared in the process.
  • Decorate Zeus at its discretion.

How to draw the god Zeus

How to draw god poseidon

Despite the variety of images of this character - he is painted both sitting on the throne, and riding a chariot, and surrounded by dolphins - he cannot refuse in greatness.Our hero will be made in full growth. His fishtail is graceful, and Poseidon himself raised his hand with a sea trident over his head.

  • Draw the shape of the head, and then add the main elements of the body - a circle in place of the body, ovals - hands, make the outline of the tail.
  • On the face we mark the place for the eyes - two circles. Now you can add to the image of Poseidon hair falling on the face. To begin with, we make them voluminous, increasing each in parallel line.
  • Now draw a long beard. Please note: Poseidon has a very beautiful and majestic face, try to show it in your drawing. Such majesty is added by long vertical lines along cheekbones, hung eyebrows, dark eyes. At the end of this step, we will draw a golden crown and mark the right shoulder.
  • Now you can start drawing the body. The sea god looks strong, so we define the characteristic lines of the chest and muscles of Poseidon.
  • We are approaching the final stage: we make a sketch of the fingers. In the right "invest" a big golden trident. If necessary, add details to the body of God - we will make it even stronger, increasing the number of muscles. Finish the tail.
  • At this stage we finish the tail, make the final touches to its fin. Add a few smooth lines to the tail - emphasize its plastic. Now you can erase all auxiliary lines.

How to draw god poseidon

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