How to draw Ferb?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
March 13, 2013
How to draw Ferb?

Recently, cartoon characters are becoming increasingly popular. On TV we can see cartoons not only for children. But an adult audience can enjoy cartoons that are suitable for viewing only by adults and are in no way suitable for children's ears and eyes. In fact, these are peculiar films, only with painted characters. One of these animated series is the cartoon about Fines and Ferb.

Who is Ferb

Love these characters, and maybe try to draw them? How to draw Fitness and Ferba? Phineas is a character with red hair, by his nature he is an idealist who is not used to being bored. It is distinguished by a small height and a large number of brains. Ferb is Phineas's half brother. In contrast to his brother, he wears green hair. He has a lot of brains too, but he is more silent and more often performs physical work than mental.

We draw Ferba

First, let's figure out how to draw Ferb.

  • Take a pencil and make sketches of his figure in thin lines.It is a little angular, so you don’t have to draw a lot.
  • The head is long, oblong, the body is the same size as the head.
  • The nose is rectangular, there is some hair on the head, the arms and legs are small.
  • Phineas is slightly smaller, his head resembles a triangle, the angle of which is the nose. The body is also small.
  • We finish the finished sketch with the necessary details, draw the clothes and paint them in the exact color range. For the sample, you can use the stop frame of the cartoon or just a picture.

How to draw ferb

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