How to draw Dusty?

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How to draw Dusty?

The “Dusty” airplane from the “Planes” cartoon was liked by many kids so much that many people would like to learn how to draw it on paper. Today we talk about how to draw Dusty. We will create this cute airplane in stages.

We will need a paper sheet (it should be placed horizontally), a simple pencil, an eraser, and also colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints.

How to draw Dusty: instruction

  1. Draw an oblique curved line on the diagonal of the sheet. From above we draw an oval and divide it into two parts - the upper one is a bit bigger and the bottom one is a little smaller.
  2. Now, to the right and left of the future body of the airplane, we draw lines to make wings. We finish the cab on top of the hull.
  3. We draw the tail of the plane, as shown in the figure.
  4. The main contours of the airplane are ready. Now you need to make them clearer, correct lines.
  5. "Dusty" has its own character, which is expressed in his smile and look. We need to show it. Draw eyes, eyebrows, smile and details, as shown in the figure.
  6. Airplanes need wheels, draw them below.

Particularly appealing is the detail. See what the details and how drawn from the plane - it is the windows, the lines on the wings, tail, body. Do not neglect the details - so the picture will turn out more beautiful and more similar to the original.tasti

When the drawing is complete, once again make the contours clear, remove the auxiliary lines with an eraser. Now it remains to simply paint "Dusty" with pencils, felt-tip pens or paints. You can paint it like in a cartoon: make green eyes, paint wheels with black; paint the upper part of the body, the tail and the lower parts of the wings orange. You can experiment yourself with colors and come up with your own unique "Dusty". You can even draw a few of these airplanes, each to come up with some of their own features and paint them completely differently.

As you can see, drawing "Dusty" is very easy and simple.

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