How to draw celestia?

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How to draw celestia?

This animated character is distinguished by very long legs and mane, beautiful ornamentation instead of hoofs and a short but stately body. To portray the princess Celestia, be patient, follow all the strokes very carefully. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to draw Celestia and what materials are required for this.


For a pencil drawing, take:

  • simple pencil;
  • colour pencils;
  • soft eraser;
  • album sheet.

How to draw pony princess celestia


  1. Sketch the head. It is shaped like an irregular trapezoid or a triangle with beveled corners.
  2. A little to the right and below draw an oval, slightly widening closer to the head, since the heroine has a powerful chest and small croup.Celestia
  3. Draw a line along the head, so that it separates about a third of the triangle from below.
  4. Proceed to drawing the "face": across the auxiliary line, draw a large almond-shaped eye, making sure to select the inner corner.Be careful when drawing the eye, it is his form that distinguishes this character in many ways.
  5. Decorate the head, noting the place of the beginning of bangs, tracing the lower jaw and mouth of Celestia.
  6. Draw a long thin ribbed horn and a crown, only two out of three teeth will be visible. Draw the ear and side strand of the mane.
  7. With the help of two lines draw a neck, and around it is a wide decoration in the form of a collar, it should fall on the chest.
  8. Draw a long, flowing mane with a wave-like line.


  1. From the middle of the oval up draw big wings. Feathers are depicted by jagged lines in two layers.
  2. Draw long front legs. The one that is closer to the viewer stands forward, and the far one is drawn a little behind.
  3. The hooves of the characters in this cartoon are not, the front legs are more like trapezes, more massive to the base.
  4. Draw the hind legs, marking the point of the knee with a spike.
  5. The tail of the fairytale horse is represented by a long wavy line.
  6. It remains to add the details: draw the eyelashes on the eye, the iris, mark the nostril with a dot. Picture the diamond-shaped stones in the decoration and the crown, on the grits draw an eight-pointed star.
  7. At the hoof level, arrange patterns in the form of an ornament.
  8. Correct errors, erase unnecessary lines and strokes.
  9. Get down to coloring. The horse itself is white, the tail and mane of the rainbow colors, the decorations are golden.

Figure is ready.

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