How to draw boots?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
March 13, 2013
How to draw boots?

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How to draw boots?

It is better to start drawing a boot from drawing (sketch) of the leg on which the boot will be dressed. The main thing - to fully display the rise of the foot, the thickness of the calves of the legs and elongation of the toe. Next, follow the instructions below, how to draw boots, and you will definitely get a truly original and beautiful image.

  • Starting to draw boots, immediately decide whether they will be heeled. If yes, then note that the heel should be slightly above the toe.
  • Highlight the curve between the toes of the boot and the heel. Respect the proportions.
  • Draw a line defining the contour of the boots, taking into account the style of the boot.
  • Identify the details in the decor elements. Draw on buckles, rivets, leather fringe and so on.
  • Apply the image of the sole of the boot, highlighting the area under the heel where the heel will be located.
  • To draw a wedge boot, draw a horizontal line from the very toe to the end of the heel border, connect with a vertical line, round the outline of the wedge on its horizontal surface and clearly trace the bend between the toe of the boot and the heel.

Everything, it remains only to paint the boots correctly, highlighting the areas of light, penumbra and shadows, giving the image volume.

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