How to draw anime pencil in stages? How to draw an anime girl

In recent years, anime cartoons have become quite popular not only with children, they also like adults. Everyone has their favorite characters, and many try to copy them, depicting their own. step by step? It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

how to draw anime pencil in stages

Anime technique

Anime belongs to a special technique of Japanese drawings, which are performed with a pencil. Such a picture has several differences from other genres. This primarily refers to the image of the face and eyes. There are several types of anime. For example, manga or comics.

Anime cartoons attract the attention of many viewers not only by the originality of the drawing, but also by the meaning of their plot. Often, this is exactly what causes fans to ask: “How to draw anime with a pencil?”

The image of the characters of anime cartoons is quite a fascinating thing.Even if you use only a pencil. Image details of the face is a simple task. So, consider the simple way of how to draw an anime pencil in stages.

how to draw anime pencil

Action algorithm

In order to achieve the accuracy and desired quality of the pattern, it is necessary to adhere to a specific order of execution. Now you will see how to draw anime. Follow the recommendations step by step.

1. It must be remembered that all the heroes of such cartoons are characterized by some universal details: huge eyes and small mouths. Noses are usually indicated schematically. Individual characters have disproportionately long legs.

2. Preparation of the necessary supplies. You will need an ordinary album. The paper should be thick, and the pencil should be soft. It is recommended to sharpen it with a knife - the sharpener will not be able to cut the end of the stylus correctly for more convenient drawing, since it will be necessary to sketch fine lines. Hatching is also easier to apply if the pencil is sharpened at an angle.

3. Drawing a preliminary marking. A line is drawn from top to bottom in the central part of the piece - this is a symbol of the growth of the future anime hero.We divide the straight line into six identical segments. The first part of the top is assigned to the head. Three segments below remain for legs. Denoted by the shoulders, the pelvis. Then you need to outline the remaining contours of the body. Schematically depict the hands of the character.

4. In the place where the head should be, draw an oval and divide it into two even parts using a thin horizontal line. On it we note two points that serve as the centers of the eyes. We make two transversal strokes (lower eyelids).

5. In accordance with the lower eyelids, draw the upper dashes. Then we perform irises and pupils. It is not difficult. We draw attention to the fact that the pupils and irises in anime drawings are not regular round shape. In most cases, they are stretched from top to bottom. Then we mark thin eyebrows above the eyes.

6. In the central part of the face draw a nose. Most often it is depicted as small and not detailed. Scheduled ears. We draw a small mouth - we make a small horizontal stroke just below the nose. You can portray lips, but this is optional.

7. The hairline is high, at a considerable distance from the eyes. Strands are recommended to draw in separate curls.Character hairstyle depict in accordance with his character. It can be a neat or careless haircut, simple or complex. The main thing is to give freedom of fantasy.

8. The contours of the character's figure are drawn. This stage of the drawing is similar to the depiction of human bodies in classical drawing genres.

9. We erase with the help of an elastic band the extra additional lines and color the picture. He's ready! So we determined how to draw anime pencil in stages.

how to draw anime in stages

Character image

Quite often, the main characters of anime cartoons are girls. They are amazingly beautiful, and many want to learn how to portray them. We now turn to how to draw an anime girl in stages.

Anime girl

Make a sketch of the character's face. We start by drawing a circle. Then we divide it in half. If the girl in the figure is shown in half a turn, then the face is divided into two uneven parts. You can make a bias, as if the heroine lowered her eyes. It all depends on the imagination and desire. Another circle is drawn, which will serve as the basis for the character’s head. The chin is marked under the first circle, then you need to mark the points of the cheekbones and outline the shape of the girl's face. Denote the contours of the mouth, nose and eyes. Smoothly go to the hair.Pay attention to the girl's hairstyle: her hair is gathered or loose, perhaps a braid is braided, or curls are arranged in an intricate high hairstyle. Pay attention to all the necessary details. Do not forget to outline the contours of the ears.

Eyes - this is a special nuance in anime pictures. They usually have a large size, compared with classical drawings. Eyes need to portray large and expressive. Go to the proportions of the nose. It is usually not detailed in anime drawings, so it is not difficult to portray it.

When the basis of the character is ready, you can bring contours, add details to the hairstyle, draw shadows on the face. We draw eyes that the main emphasis has been made on them. You can portray only the face or draw a girl in full growth. The choice is to draw an anime girl step by step

Application skills

Now you know how to draw an anime girl. Then you can begin to depict scenes with several characters. Now you can draw different moments from anime series. In this case, it will be necessary to depict not only the character, but also the environment, the background. The plus is that it helps you learn how to portray different types of emotions.It is no secret that anime drawings very accurately and quite originally convey the feelings and mood of the characters.

Additional advantages of the lesson

Recently, anime drawings have become popular. Some artists even arrange to draw an anime girlSo learning a few ways to draw anime with a pencil in stages will be quite useful. This can bring not only pleasure, but also profit.

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