How to draw a sword?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 12, 2013
How to draw a sword?

The image of the sword will be a good contribution to your collection of drawings. Therefore, considering how to draw a sword with a pencil, you should pay attention to the application of an intricate pattern on the handle and blade, the image of the glitter of the metal. Then the drawing will be as realistic as possible.

Drawing a sword

Before you draw a sword, it is recommended to decide on its style. What will this sword be? If it is a family jewel, then it should be provided with a coat of arms, and if it is a military weapon, then decorations will be superfluous. It is better to choose a drawing for yourself where all the details will be visible, so you can depict it more clearly, and the drawing will look complete and realistic.

First you should draw a cross with a long crossbar for the blade, the handle and the cross for the guard. While on top it is necessary to portray as a circle. Next, expand the handle with two rounded lines on both sides of the axis. After that you should look at the shape of the guard in the photograph, and try to outline its structure with strokes.

If you draw a massive two-handed sword, then the blade must be made long and fairly wide, that is, two-blade. The edge of the sword also needs to be made in different shapes, drawing attention to your model. Next, you need to erase all the extra lines and give the sword a clearer contour. After that, you should put an ornament, if, of course, you have planned it. The handle can be wound with leather straps that you need to reflect the coils in the picture.

Now you should clarify the pattern and shape of all the details of your sword. The lines must be made smooth and elegant. As a result, the sword should be harmonious and inspiring respect. Therefore, it is recommended to work with soft strokes with light and shade, having previously determined the direction of the light source. Now you know how to draw a sword in stages, and your collection is replenished with different instances of different eras and styles.

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How to draw a sword

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