How to draw a giraffe?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 13, 2013
How to draw a giraffe?

At first glance, it is easier to make a drawing of an animal, but is it really that easy? Those who have already tried to draw such an animal as a giraffe can say with confidence that there are many details in such a drawing, not to mention other representatives of the animal world. Actually that is why there is a huge amount of the question of how to draw a giraffe in stages. In this article we will reveal all the secrets of this type of drawing.

We draw a giraffe standing sideways

Main stages:

  • We draw the shape of the head in the form of a small circle, from which we draw a line down, which will later be the neck. Also, from the circle of the head, we figuratively draw the horns, ears and mouth. From its end draw a large circle - the body, and from it we draw down the line of the legs, making small circles in the knees. Note that there will be three legs, since one of them is not visible due to the second, given the position of the giraffe. Do not forget about the tail, which will move away from the body.
  • Now we impose on the previous sketch the outer shell of the giraffe.As for the head, here we draw the details of the ears, from now on they will be curved. We also draw eyes, nostrils and mouth lines. Speaking of the neck, we draw two lines on the sides, making it voluminous, and also draw the front legs.
  • The third stage is quite simple and consists in drawing more lines of the legs in order to make them bulky. This also applies to the tail, which is wider at first, and then narrows.
  • Here you have to work hard, because you need to finish all the details and remove the contours made in the first stages. The end of this step assumes an already volumetric pattern that does not have initial lines. That is why we provide information on how to draw a giraffe with a pencil, rather than paints or other materials. Since many lines will need to be erased in the final stages.
  • And the last stage involves the imposition of giraffe spots on the body. Remember that larger spots will be on the torso and neck, a little smaller on the legs and very small on the head. Also, they must be of different shapes and be broken in shape.

Now you know how to draw a giraffe in several steps, adhering to which the drawing will be perfect.By the way, about what colors to decorate such an animal, it all depends on the main background of the picture. For example, if it is a sunset, the giraffe itself will be dark brown, and the spots are slightly lighter, if it is morning or afternoon, then exactly the opposite.

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