How to draw a flower in stages?

Natalia Stepanovich
Natalia Stepanovich
February 12, 2013
How to draw a flower in stages?

With the help of drawing, the artist can reflect his inner world and a whole range of feelings, just on a sheet of paper. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, be prepared for sleepless nights and hard work. Even drawing a bouquet can take a lot of time and will require considerable imagination.

Let's see how to draw a bouquet of flowers in stages and what we need for this. Before you draw a flower in stages with a pencil or a whole bunch, you need to prepare the following things:

  • pencil;
  • album sheets;
  • imaginary or real flowers;
  • eraser;
  • patience (really need in the process).

Draw a flower

  • We draw an oval, with a curved line divide it into two parts. Shade a circle, leaving a small circle in the center of the oval.
  • Draw the petals. In form, they should resemble an ellipse, and their middle part (first row) should be located on a circle.Layer-layered further petals, each previous one being between the next two. For a visual example, you can look at the visual instructions for drawing a flower:

  • Erasers remove possible distortions and inaccuracies. Our flower is ready. Knowing how to draw a flower in stages, you can proceed to the image of bouquets.


In order to group flowers into bouquets, it is necessary to draw several ovals of different shapes, which will denote each of the flowers. We assemble them into small groups, leaving a small space between the ovals. We make the first contours without pressing a pencil; perfect clarity is not required here.

Now we add one small circle to the circle of our bud, so we will draw the pistil of each flower. At this stage, you can do a more precise shape of our ovals (buds). If there were corners in your bouquet (depending on which flowers are depicted), then you need to round out the contours and divide each of them into parts, which will be our petals. Draw carefully each petal.

Next, we turn to the image of the stems of flowers and leaves. To the bouquet, you can add sheets of fern: breaking the leaf into many parts, sharp shape. And the rest of the leaves - just round out. To give a festive look to a bouquet, you can tie it with a ribbon. To do this, you need to draw two rounded, parallel to each other lines, describing the stems several times over the leaves of flowers. It should be noted that a bouquet of flowers should be painted with bright colors in order to add spectacularity and color to the pattern. Green leaves are painted, and for the ribbon you should choose the color that is most in harmony with the bouquet itself.

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