How to draw a daisy, queen of wildflowers

How to draw a daisy? The task is simple. Even a child who has learned to hold a pencil in his hands can portray the well-known to everyone. For adults, drawing is also not difficult. How to draw a daisy, home painting lovers will learn from this article. The creative process will be fascinating, and its result will be the image of a beautiful flower.

how to draw a daisy

What materials are needed for work

For the drawing you will need a sheet of white paper, two simple pencil-designer and a set of color, school ruler, eraser.

In order for the image of the flower to be clear, you need to take a pencil like "designer T" and one more softer, with the marking "TM". Solid is needed to draw the original contours, which at the end of the work will be erased with an eraser. Use a soft pencil to draw the flower directly.

How to draw a daisy in stages

Any image requires a certain preliminary calculation, since in the process it is necessary to observe the proportions, proportionality of the stem, petals, the core and the leaves.How to draw a daisy step by step with a pencil so that it is ready for coloring, you will learn from further recommendations. But in any case, perseverance is required.

In order for the drawing to succeed, you need to make a plan. First you need to study the question of how to draw a daisy step by step, that is, in stages. At the first stage, the ratio of petals to the core is calculated. This proportion can be denoted as 1: 3, that is, the length of the petals should be about three times the diameter of the core.

how to draw a daisy step by step with a pencil

Then you should draw a circle on paper - the core of the flower. Then, having measured the necessary distance from him, draw a circle bounding the ends of the future petals. After that, from the core we draw 10-12 lines at equal distances from each other. For each of them, you can already draw petals. They will move away from the middle and end at the outer circumference.

In the next step, draw a stem and leaves. This is an important part of the picture. The stem should be slightly curved, but in no case wavy. It departs from the bottom of the chamomile and goes up at an arbitrary distance.

The next step is the drawing of leaves (their number is not more than four). They should connect with the stem at the points best suited for this (in the opinion of the artist himself).This is part of the work of home painter. Since the leaves of chamomile are similar in shape to the branches of dill, they can be drawn with simple strokes in the form of a Christmas tree "vice versa".

Draw the core

Once the contours have been designated, you can begin to delineate the main components of the flower. How to draw a daisy with a pencil? Pretty simple. The core must be isolated; for this purpose, with a simple or black pencil we put points on its circle. Points should be as much as possible. After painting the core in yellow, it will look like a real one.

how to draw a daisy with a pencil

Petals are left white, as it should be for chamomile. But along each one you need to draw with a simple pencil a few thin longitudinal lines in order to give them a natural look. If you want to make the petals more alive, then you can shade them a little with a blue pencil, brighter at the ends, and use a less intense shade near the core. Another thing, if you want to draw a decorative chamomile with colored petals. In this case, you should paint them with a uniform tone of any desired color. It is also necessary to draw several thin lines on the petals with a simple pencil for greater likelihood.

Stem and leaves

The lower part of the flower is a base that supports the head with petals. In this chamomile stalk and leaves of dark green color, in the figure they must also be painted. Dark green pencil is in any set, but it will have to be sharpened in a special way. To color pencil gave a uniform color, its end must be rounded. Then you can start coloring the stem and leaves of chamomile.


How to draw a daisy to a flower was not one, but in a bouquet? To do this, choose the location of each flower on paper, draw a few hearts and surround them with contour circles, based on the length of the petals. If the image of some daisies in the figure is intended at an angle, in perspective reflection, then the core of the flower is drawn not in a round, but slightly elongated form. Petals are also located with a slight to draw a daisy in stages

If you want to create a drawing with several daisies, then you have the opportunity to color their petals with different colors. Thus, the real picture-still-life will turn out. Drawing daisies or any other colors is an interesting activity that can become a real hobby and serve as an incentive for the development of artistic taste.

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