How to draw a cuckoo correctly

People like to draw birds. It's so interesting and fascinating to watch a real birdie come to life on a piece of paper, that the children also want to participate in this magic. Let's look at how to draw a cuckoo in stages.

Interesting facts about the cuckoo

Cuckoo is a bird that we hear more often thansee. It got its name from the Latin word Cuculus, which means "ku-ku" (the sound this bird produces), and the words canorus, which means "melody."

On the planet there are 4 subspecies of cuckoos. In Europe, the call of the cuckoo is regarded as the first harbinger of spring. Many local legends and traditions are based on this, and from ancient times people were inspired by this bird and tried to depict it, thinking about how to draw. Cuckoo to hear, and even if you have money with you, is a good sign, meaning that the year will pass in abundance.

God Zeus turned into a beautiful cuckoo to lure the goddess Hera into her hands. After that, the bird became a sacred bird of the Goddess, and even her scepter was decorated with the image of a cuckoo ..

In the Slavic countries the cuckoo is considered a birdand heavenly messenger. In ancient times, she was asked about the upcoming weather, the future harvest, young girls were interested in how soon they would get married and how many children they would have. It was believed that the cuckoo chases away all bad things - hunger, poverty, bad weather.

The ordinary cuckoo reaches a length of 32-34 centimeters to the tail, from the tail - 13-15 centimeters, the span of its wings - 55-60 cm.

This bird lives in Europe, Asia and Africa. In African savannahs, it spends the winter. Cuckoos do not breed nests and do not breed. They toss their eggs into their nests to other birds, and those who do not notice the dirty trick are brought up as adopters as their own kids.

How to draw a cuckoo with a pencil

Everyone, by virtue of his imaginationdifferently represents how the bird should look. And yet it is difficult to immediately depict on paper the cuckoo of the correct proportions. Step by step drawing, when you follow from simple to complex, helps to avoid mistakes. We will draw from simple figures, gradually perfecting the drawing with more detailed elaboration, so that it was clear that this is the cuckoo. This approach can be successfully used to draw any subject. So, let's find out how to draw a cuckoo.

Required Tools

Prepare the workplace, prepare a sheet of paper, a soft simple pencil, paint, colored pencils or markers - at will (for coloring), eraser.

The main stages of work

1. Let's start with the standard scheme, which is suitable for drawing any bird. We start with two simple intersecting forms. Draw a circle for the head and an oval for the body.
how to draw a cuckoo

2. Draw lines for the tail, legs and beak. Lines made for the tail should go down from the body-oval. Two short lines will be held to find positions for the legs, again extending down from the trunk-oval. A curved line is drawn for the future beak about in the middle of the circle-head.
to draw a cuckoo in stages

3. Draw the winglet with an auxiliary line running along the body of the bird, then connect the two lines forming it, approximately at the center of the tail. A pair of curved lines draw for claws. The eye is added almost right in the center of the circle, just above the beak.
how to draw a cuckoo with a pencil

4. Now we proceed to the difficult one - to detailing, since drawing a cuckoo must be as authentic as possible and similar to the real one. Add a line dividing the beak, lengthen it, slightly extend the shape of the head, raise the chest, work the wing, sharpen and extend it, draw the tail with small parts, make it rounded, stepped and with cross strips.
how to draw a cuckoo
5. With the help of light and shadow, we can create the illusion of form and deepen the details, as well as draw attention to the elements of the drawing. Think carefully about those places that should be in the shade.

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