How to draw a cake?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
March 13, 2013
How to draw a cake?

Sometimes children ask their parents to draw something for them. In this case, it is important not to lose credibility in the eyes of the child and successfully cope with their task. How to draw a cake with a pencil at the request of a little sweet tooth? You must decide in advance whether you will use the eraser. For the image of a complex cake, you will most likely need it. It is necessary to draw in stages and explain each stage to the child so that he can repeat it in the future.

Draw a cake in pencil

So, we will draw a side view. We draw the upper surface of the cake in the form of an elongated oval. From the extreme points of the oval, we draw vertical, identical in length (measured by the length of a pencil) lines, which will show the height of the cake. The bottom is depicted as half-oiled, joining the edges of the cake. For beginners, it is better to draw a whole oval so that it is the twin of the first oval, and then erase the extra line. The frame of the cake is ready. Now you can draw streams of glaze on the side of it. To achieve a natural effect, they must be of different lengths.You can draw a few candles, which should be strictly vertical and parallel to the side edges of the cake. To make the candles more natural, there must be a small oval above them, and uneven fire is coming out of it. Explain to the child that the direction of the fire on the candles should be the same, because the breeze is blowing from one side. The rest of the child nafantaziruet and draws himself.

Now you know how to draw a cake. Enjoy your time!

How to draw a cake

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