How to download music to disk?

Many of us deal with computers, but not many can boast excellent skills in this matter. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything can be learned. Today we will learn how to record music on a disc, that is, answer the eternal question - how to download music to a disc?

To record music on a disc, we need a personal computer, a mouse, a blank disc, a Nero program, and a little attention and patience. Of course, you can do without this program. There is a standard software for recording discs on your computer, but it cannot be called excellent and flawless.

Required software

To get started, download the Nero express program from the Internet and install it on your computer, how to install the program, I think you know. Now we have everything we need, so we will deal with the question - how to download music to disk?


We immerse the blank disk in the drive and run the successfully installed program, go to the “transfer and write” section, which is located in the top window of the program. In the window that opens, select the section Jukebox Audio-CD, in the dialog that opens, “My Jukebox Disc”, add the audio files in MP3 format that you planned to burn to the disc.

For this action it is necessary in the right part of the Nero program window to click on the “add” button. Next you need to specify the path to the required music files. When the path is indicated, select the MP3 music files you want with the mouse, and then click on the “add” button, which is located at the bottom right of the Nero Express window.

After successfully adding all the music files you need, click on the “close” button, it is located in the lower right corner of the program.

Now that the necessary files have been placed in the Nero Express project field, click the “next” button, which is located to the right in the lower corner of the program window.

Then a program window appears in which it says compatibility, in a nutshell, the situation can be explained as follows - if you press yes, the disc you recorded will easily be read on all DVD players, and if you click no, the disc will not be read on all players.

Now press the "yes" button and get into the final installation before writing files to disk.

After completing the configuration settings of the Nero Express program, press the “Record” button (located at the bottom right). After pressing this button, the data preparation process begins and, directly,CD burning itself. No need to worry, since all these actions are automatic and your participation is not required.

You can read about the recording process in the message window during recording, additionally there is a progress indicator, you can judge by it the time before the data is written to disk.

Sometimes burning takes a very long period of time, it all depends on the recording speed and the amount of information. On average, recording a disc takes no more than 6-10 minutes.

After successful completion of the burning, a check will pass and then a message will appear on the screen that will notify you about it. When this happens, press the "OK" button and the drive tray will give you your new music disc, and a notification with the relevant information will appear on the screen.

Clicking the “Next” button will take you to the final step of the Nero Express program. Here you can choose your further actions - you can burn your project to another disk, create your own new project or create a label for your disk or simply exit Nero Express.


You can also burn music in Audio-CD format using the Nero program.Now you know how to download music to disk, as you can see, there is nothing difficult in this process. The main thing is patience and desire, and the rest everything will come. Do not be afraid to get new knowledge and experiment.

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