How to make a power outlet?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
February 28, 2013
How to make a power outlet?

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How to make a power outlet?

Most beginners believe that before you learn how to do power, you first need some kind of special training program. But everything is much simpler, you just need to know and apply the technique that strengthens the main muscle groups and gradually prepare them for the exit to the horizontal bar.


  1. Before you do power output, you must learn to pull up. If you have problems with this, you should start with push-ups, which should be done 3-4 approaches with the maximum number of times. For example, in the first approach, you wrung out 20 times, so in the 2nd approach you need to make 18, and in the 3rd approach - 16, and so on. In addition to push-ups, you can use dumbbells of moderate severity, chest, shoulder and wrist expanders - at the initial stage, all means will be good.
  2. We start pulling up. To do this, you must pay this exercise from 30 to 60 minutes a day. Occupation can be divided into several parts. For example, catch up in the morning, afternoon and evening for the maximum number of times.We advise you to make a ladder once a week - first pull up once, then twice, then three, and so on. The main growth of muscles occurs between workouts, so after every 3-4 days of training you need to take a break for one day.
  3. After you learn to pull up at least 10 times, begin to learn to throw your hand on the horizontal bar, that is, to make a “flag”. Before you make a power outlet, you must learn to make a way out, both on the left and right hand.
  4. In parallel with the exit on each hand, attention and time should be paid to regular pull-ups, as well as pull-ups to the chest.
  5. The result of all your efforts one day can turn out the first “clumsy” way out to both hands. In the future, you can already improve the output narrow, wide and reverse grip.


  • Always warm up before training - 10-15 minute jogging, jumping, squats, etc.
  • For convenience, the horizontal bar can be wrapped with a plaster.
  • If you stop in the number of pull-ups, then this indicates fatigue of the body. In order to continue to progress, we advise you just to rest a week from training.

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