How to make a business on postcards?

Creating your own business is very relevant if you want to gain independence. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the relevance of the chosen direction, since certain areas of activity are more profitable than others. Next, we consider how to create a business on the original cards and why this field of activity is profitable.

Why postcards?

Although many modern people actively use congratulations via the Internet, paper postcards are still popular. According to statistics, half of the population of each more or less developed country still uses postcards. At the same time, the possibilities of Internet communications open up a huge market for you; you can sell postcards not only locally, but actually around the world.

Many printing houses and similar enterprises to this day produce numerous template cards, but this option is becoming less popular. At this time, people more and more appreciate originality and uniqueness.In addition, there is a fashion for hand-made, that is, something created with their own hands, including postcards.

Thus, the business of creating handmade cards becomes profitable, there is the interest of various consumers. Creating such a business does not require significant investments from you and opens up a great freedom for creativity, including entrepreneurial creativity. That is why the business on postcards is relevant.

The choice of activities

Making postcards is not as easy as it seems, if you look at the products offered from this area, you can find a lot of objects that are genuine works of art, albeit decorative. Thus, here you should choose a certain niche in which you can work, perhaps some unique direction or a distinctive feature of your postcards, which will allow your products to stand out and become recognizable by the consumer.


The entrepreneur does not always need to perform a similar search, but in order to make unique products you will need an experienced specialist or specialists in the creation of postcards.You should look for people of creative professions and just people who are fond of handmade and would like to earn on it. Many people have interesting ideas that you can translate into the creation of postcards.

It is important to consider candidates from students of creative specialties and a similar contingent. Such people do not need high pay at first and a free schedule with piecework payments is convenient.

Profitability Search

In order to make your enterprise profitable, you will need to optimize costs and determine the optimal cost of products that will ensure stable consumption. Of the main costs should be noted:

In handmade postcards, a positive advantage is the possibility of minimizing the cost of materials. Of course, you will need to purchase high-quality paper for postcards and some other expensive components, but it is possible to save a lot on decoration. After all, the value of the original postcard lies in the external attractiveness, but not in the cost of decorative elements.

The wages of your specialists can be piecework and you should find the optimal harmony between the final cost of production and payment for the production of postcards.It should be noted, the high cost of such work in Europe, where a specialist in the manufacture of postcards can receive about five euros for each product. Of course, on the territory of Russia such a payment you do not have the opportunity, since five euros can be only the total cost of the product.

However, much depends on the options for selling your products. For example, if you deliver your handmade cards to other countries (the currently common option is to trade via the Internet), you can set a higher total cost and higher wages.

Thus, we move on to the next and very significant part of the costs - advertising and promotion. Here you should use well-created sites and accessible sites to promote hand-made products. Thanks to the possibilities of Internet communications, you will be able to reach a significant number of consumers (including from other cities and countries), but this will require high-quality promotion on the Internet.

In addition, do not neglect advertising in your city. There are many ways to send samples of finished products to large companies and institutions that can become your customers.before advertising your products in themed stores.


How to organize a company?

At first, you will need to attend to two directions:

  • employee search;
  • search for buyers.

In fact, your specialists almost completely determine the quality and relevance of your products. Therefore, you should choose those that really can and can make interesting postcards.

It is best to choose people who have a certain enthusiasm who are interested in this case. Products from such "manufacturers" will always be of interest to consumers.

In addition, you need to get a certain number of projects for work or at least get space for sale. It does not really matter if you create an online store or enter into agreements with stationary stores for the placement of your products. By the way, you can combine these options.

Perhaps interested in: - print postcards in the "Central Printing". (About the features of the production process from "A" to "Z").

To create a small business, you may not first need an office or premises for production.Workers can make postcards at home, and you can work from home, this is the advantage of this business.

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