How to distribute tight leather shoes

Perhaps, before each of us once had a question, how to spread cramped shoes. Sometimes it happens that a couple, which seemed convenient in the store, is in fact close. How to make such shoes as comfortable as possible?

How to distribute tight shoes

Recommendations for choosing shoes

To not have to think about how to distribute tight shoes, you need to adhere to certain rules, buying it. First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the product and to what materials it is made of. It is best to go shopping after lunch, as the legs get tired and swell during the day, and a couple bought in the morning may be uncomfortable in the future. After fitting, you must go through a new pair to assess its comfort. And do not rush to go in the new shoes on the street, because then you can not return it to the store.

How to stretch tight shoes to make it comfortable

Basically, all the recommendations for the distribution of shoes relate to leather products. It is not recommended to stretch artificial materials.You should not also try to fit a pair, if it is obviously small to you. And it is also worth noting that the maximum to which shoes can be stretched is half the size, no more.

Spray for stretching shoes

So, how to distribute leather shoes? There will be no problems with products made of genuine leather, as in shoe stores and workshops you can buy special professional products: foam or spray. The tool should be applied to problem areas outside and inside, and then you need to put on socks and, until it dries completely, walk in shoes around the house. Spray for stretching shoes will help make the product softer in places where the foot was cramped. If the first treatment does not give the desired results, then it can be repeated for several days in a row. If you think how to distribute shoes quickly, then you can speed up the process using a wooden block in shape and size of your feet. In addition, it will protect the product from deformation during drying.

Folk methods

How to distribute tight shoes using popular methods? The most effective is to use for stretching the skin of alcohol or alcohol solution. You can rub the problem areas on the shoes with alcohol directly, or you can dilute 1: 1 alcohol with water and spray the solution on the inner and outer surfaces of the product.After that, you need to wear tight socks and walk in the shoes around the apartment for several hours.

How to carry leather shoes

If the pair you purchased turned out to be too narrow, you can stretch it with a 3% acetic solution. If the shoe rubs your heel, then one stretch will be small, and you also need to wipe the backdrop with soap or a candle. It happens that leather shoes that you have not worn for a long time become uncomfortable. In this case, vegetable and castor oil will help soften the product. You can use petroleum jelly for this purpose. These funds are applied to the shoes for a couple of hours, then it needs to be cleaned.

How to stretch suede and patent leather shoes

If you think uncomfortable suede shoes, then you can simply stretch it in the process of socks. After all, suede is a very soft material that very quickly and easily takes the shape of your foot without any effort or money. But if you are unable to cope with discomfort and you do not know how to distribute tight suede shoes, then try one sure remedy. Put on a new pair of slightly moistened socks and walk around until they are completely dry. Be careful to protect the suede from contact with water, as this may harm the appearance of the product.In order to stretch the lacquer shoes, you need to mix one part of water and two parts of alcohol, soak thick socks in the resulting solution, put them on and walk in shoes until they dry. Note that patent leather shoes become more fragile after stretching and lose their elasticity. Lacquered leather should be handled with care, because it can easily crack and lose its luster and attractiveness.

How to carry shoes quickly

How to properly wear shoes

First of all it is worth noting that the product should be raznashivat gradually. It will take you about a week to complete the whole process, but if you don’t want to deform your shoes, you don’t need to hurry. You should also understand that only a quality product can be distributed without the possibility of harm to it. Shoes that were not sewn during the manufacturing process can simply be unstuck from alcohol or oil. Suede - the material is fastidious, because it is not recommended to handle such shoes with alcohol or cream.

If you doubt that you will be able to independently distribute shoes, you should ask for help in the workshop. There your shoes are stretched safely and effectively on a special shoe,and you do not have to risk their condition, experiencing various folk methods. And most importantly, carefully approach the choice of shoes. Try to choose a pair that suits you not only in size but also in the shape of the foot.

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