How to disable the alarm system "Tomahawk" without a key fob?

A car for many is not just transportmeans, but a true friend and companion. What is the owner's surprise when he does not find his handsome man in the parking lot. To minimize the number of such excesses, the best minds of mankind came up with an effective remedy.

tomahawk signaling how to disable

Features of the Tomahawk system and its deactivation

The best mechanism against theft is the "Tomahawk" alarm system. This is a complete structure, which consists of the following details:

  • the main block;
  • mechanical impact sensor;
  • portable blocker;
  • antennas for the transmission of encrypted messages;
  • service button;
  • indicator of functioning.

Each unit of the product has an instruction, which describes in detail the operating instructions and answers the question of how to disable the "Tomahawk" alarm system, if necessary.

Features of the equipment

The model range of the manufacturer is built one by one andthe same principle, the functional is also similar to each other. Full integration with the "filling" of the car can prevent the very possibility of theft. Technological achievements at times reduced noise indicators of the protective mechanism. Mini-USB port ensures timely receipt of software updates. The design of the portable control unit provides paired control buttons. Backlight provides convenient use in any lighting, LED indicators enhance brightness.

In addition, each model has a set of characteristics that can not be ignored:

  • The encryption code protects the alarm from interception;
  • Innovative technologies have increased the distance of functioning of the key fob;
  • a pair of key fobs guarantees access to the machine, the operability is visible on the liquid crystal display.

how to turn off the alarm tomahawk 9010

Why does the alarm work incorrectly?

Among the most common reasons for the occurrence of malfunctions in the operation of signaling, you can list the following:

  • Radio interference - oddly enough, it is relevant for noisy megacities. Since electronics exudes radio waves, they can adversely affect their fellow humans.
  • Fault blocker - a fairly rare phenomenon, but it can not be excluded. Breakage is possible due to mechanical impact, moisture, failure of the elements of the chip, and discharge of the battery.

We get acquainted with the alarm system "Tomahawk"

How to turn off the alarm, it becomes clear if you read the following material:

  • Standard shutdown is performed using the control mechanism, or more precisely - pressing the PCM (analogy with the mouse). A sound signal will indicate that the operation was successful.
  • Silent disconnection is preferable for the car owner, and for this you need to press the first button of the key fob, immediately the second one.
  • If the keyfob does not work, you can disconnect the systemsequential switching on and switching off the ignition (the number of repetitions corresponds to the secret code). At the end of thirty seconds the light-noise representation will end.

The coded method consists of a sequentialentering the analog of the Pin-code. The task of "How to turn off Tomahawk signaling?" Will require the knowledge of a unique combination of numbers from the driver of knowledge, by entering which he will be able to start the car.

The simplest "barbarous" method of disconnecting is simply to bite the wire that is responsible for the sound signal. With old developments it will work, the new same signaling - a more multi-stage structure.

"Daredevil" are looking for relays and fuse, which feed our "anti-theft". But this is a long, dirty business, often in vain.

So how to turn off the alarm system "Tomahawk 9010" in emergency order? The algorithm consists of several sequential actions:

  1. We open the door with a key.
  2. We initiate the ignition process.
  3. "Click" button "Override" 4 times.
  4. A couple of seconds we hear a soundtrack, we observe the flashing of parking lights.
  5. The alarm is disabled.

how to disable tomahawk alarm without keychain

Disable the system without a key fob

Unexpected failure of the security devicewill add a lot of problems. But even such a task the car owner can solve by his own forces. It is important only to know what the manual is, and where the button "Valet" is located. After reading the following material from the question of how to turn off the Tomahawk signaling without a keychain, only the memory will remain:

  1. We use the code combination. For each model, it is unique, and you can learn it from the instructions to the security system.
  2. We translate the alarm into the "service mode". To do this, you need to know the location of the button "Valet", refer to the LED indicator.

The importance of protecting the car is difficult to overestimate,because at stake is not only movable property, but also a close friend. We hope, after reading this article, the question of how to turn off the Tomahawk signaling has lost its relevance.

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