How to disable the immobilizer VAZ or "Kalina"?

Immobilizer - is one of the types of protection against car theft. Virtually every modern car has in its equipment such a device installed at the factory. The immobilizer is connected to the engine fuel injection controller at the physical and program level. If he does not receive an authorization signal to start the engine, the car will not start.

Types of immobilizers

how to disable immobilizer

A non-standard immobilizer (which is installed after buying a car) breaks the most significant electrical circuits of a car. For example, a car starter or ignition is blocked. If this happens, even if thieves get inside, the vehicle is guaranteed not to move. In addition, there are devices that block non-electrical systems.

Some immobilizers can work without breaking the chains. Such devices are called CAN, which can be decrypted as (Controller Area Network).The engine in this case is blocked programmatically: certain messages come to the "brains" of the car, which either allow or prohibit starting.

Immobilizer activation

Enabling and disabling the immobilizer is made so that it is available only to the owner of the car. Most often this action performs a coded electronic key. There are also immobilizers, in which the code must be entered manually, but they are very few common. Before starting the car, its owner inserts a code key into a special connector, which allows the immobilizer to disable the guard and allow the engine to be started. There is another way: the driver must place a special chip in front of the security system antenna. Immobilizer at this moment considers the code. If the car is equipped with a system with manual entry of codes, then the driver needs to enter it himself, after which the immobilizer will turn off.

vaz disable immobilizer

If an attacker destroys the immobilizer or disable it in an unauthorized way, then the car’s systems will remain inaccessible.

The composition of the immobilizer

Almost all immobilizers automatically turn on car security if the owner does not take any action with him.

disable immobilizer 2110

The immobilizer consists of two components:

  • Control block. This is the center of the system in which the owner sends a signal to remove or arm the car.

  • The key that the owner of the vehicle has. Most often, in this vein, the chip is hidden, which is recognized by the immobilizer.

Possible problems

Some models have some problems with the anti-theft device: it periodically refuses to work when you need to unlock the car. In this case, it will be useful to know how to disable the immobilizer. An example of disabling the security system on the example of "Lada Kalina" will be considered.

Also, the immobilizer VAZ 2110 delivers a lot of problems to the owners. How to disable it will also be clear after reading this article.

Immobilizer on "Lada Kalina"

"Lada Kalina" is the most popular car, which is produced on the territory of the Russian Federation. Only the famous “ten” (VAZ 2110) and its successor “Lada Priora” are capable of comparing with it. This is a very economical car: it has a fairly low fuel consumption, and parts are not very expensive.In addition, the "Lada Kalina" very tightly knit, which is ideal for bad Russian roads. In general, the owners have almost no problems with this car, except for the periodic failure of the anti-theft system: it hangs and it becomes impossible to start the car not only for intruders, but also for the owner. This article is devoted to how you can disable the immobilizer on the "Kalina".

how to disable the immobilizer on Kalina

The standard equipment of all AvtoVAZ injection vehicles (except for models 2101-2107) includes an immobilizer. Most often it is APS-4, but some models have APS-6 (cars since 2004 release). Problems arise with both models, but they are easy to solve if you know how to disable the immobilizer. 2110, which is one of the oldest models, also has an anti-theft device in the equipment (but only if an injection engine is installed).

Principle of operation

APS-4 works as follows: data is transmitted to the engine control unit. Because of this, the ignition and the fuel pump remain locked until the owner returns, who deactivates the security with a key. This is how the immobilizer works on VAZ cars.

Turning off the APS-6 immobilizer is a bit more difficult, because its design has been improved. The chip is embedded in the keys, and the reader is hidden in the depths of the steering column. This made it possible to implement functions such as remote control of power windows, fog lights, etc.

Immobilizer emergency shutdown

The immobilizer on VAZ cars is a very capricious thing, because it is easy to disable it even with a signal from a cell phone. The most dangerous thing is the diagnosis of the vehicle. Problems with anti-theft devices deliver a lot of problems to the owners. How to disable the immobilizer in this case? AvtoVAZ has created an alternative method for this, especially for force majeure situations.

It lies in the fact that the owner of the car enters a secret six-digit code, but even this is not all that smooth. The password is entered by pressing the gas pedal a certain number of times. In such cases, it is best to know how to disable the immobilizer completely. Is it possible to do this without having a key at hand?

How to disable the immobilizer manually?

Disabling the immobilizer on the "Lada Kalina" is the easiest thing to do if you disconnect it from the power supply,but first you need to get to it. You will need the following tools:

  • knob;

  • screwdriver cross;

  • extension;

  • figured bat;

  • universal joint

First you need to remove the battery from the car. The immobilizer is located behind the control of the heating system of the passenger compartment: it is a small black box, the dimensions of which are about 5x10 centimeters. To get to it is very difficult, because the mounting bolts are very inconvenient. First you need to remove the power cable from the immobilizer: the plug will easily pull out if you press on its retainer.

immobilizer vaz 2110 how to disable

After removing power, restore the diagnostic line. Now the extraction is complete and the setup of the MTA begins. The most important thing is the deletion of information that the immobilizer left in the electronic control unit. To do this, you need to remove the wiring connector from the immobilizer and connect the contacts 18 and 9.1 in it. Now you need to open the electronic control unit (only if it is a Bosch M 1.5.4 model), you need to install a chip with the data cleaning utility (Eeprom) in place of the standard microcircuit and try to start the engine. If all actions are done correctly, the motor will start.

If the standard chip cannot be removed, then the Combiset utility will need to be installed. Its operating principle is exactly the same as that of Eeprom. If this is not done, then you have to rewire the socket for a new chip.

If the model is a Bosch MP7.0H ECU, then you will also need to use a soldering iron, since the storage device is tightly sealed. In general, we choose for ourselves which is better: install the Combiset utility or solder the socket.

Sometimes there is a restriction on data deletion, for example, it will not be possible to completely delete all data from Eeprom. But this should not be an obstacle: you need to slightly edit the dump file (bytes 2-7 are replaced with the letters FF). For people who are on the "you" with the technique, it will not be anything easier than turning off the immobilizer on the "Kalina".

This article was supposed to enlighten the owner of the car VAZ, how to disable the immobilizer. Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation, if there is no confidence in the actions, then it is not necessary to take on disabling the anti-theft system. It is best to remember the secret password and in case of problems just enter it by pressing the pedal a certain number of times.

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