How to disable dep in Windows 7

Lovers delve into the settings of the operating roomThe Windows system probably met the mention of DEP. This is an English abbreviation, formed from the words Data Execution Prevention, which in Russian transcription means a function to prevent the execution of data. For example, these settings in the "Seven" can be easily found if you follow the path: "My Computer" - open "Properties" - go to "Advanced Settings" - now "Advanced" and "Options". The necessary tab is one - to prevent the execution of data. Here, the user is given the opportunity to choose the mode of the function: enable for some system services and programs or for all except the specified exception. True, turning off dep from here will not work, but more on this later.

The DEP function is integrated into Windows(starting with XP with the second service pack) a software solution that prevents the execution of program code from the data area (heap, stack). The mechanism of working with memory assumes that there are several areas in which there should not be executable code sections. Despite this, both in Linux with the kernel up to 2.3.23, and in Windows up to SP2, no control over the placement of program data in the system memory was performed. Of course, with the exception of protecting the core itself. This vulnerability could not help using the creators of malicious programs (viruses), as a result of which various worms and exploits began to actively spread, and they got access rights through root. In addition, many viruses caused a buffer overflow and the virtual hang of the computer.

To prevent this, a mechanism wasprotection. At that time, no one even thought how to disable dep, because it seemed good. The developers of the processors quickly oriented themselves and turned on the hardware support for this function - this is the XD bit of the Pentium 4 of the sixth series and the NX bit of the Athlon 64. It is interesting that due to the correct marketing, the availability of such support cost the buyer extra money. At present, there are no processors without XD (NX), as, indeed, operating systems. It is especially noteworthy that even in Android 4.1, dep. More details about the features of this function can be found in the global network.

If everything is so good, then why is it sometimes askedthe question "how to disable dep"? The answer is simple - some programs are written without taking into account the features of the system memory manager. Prior to the "era" of DEP, this was not of fundamental importance, since the user needs the application running by him, and how it interacts with the system is the tenth thing. Of course, we are talking about normal programs, not viruses.

With the advent of the same DEP Windows began to prohibitexecution of code incorrectly written programs. This is understandable, because the system does not know what exactly caused the strange behavior - a virus or a legal program. The only way out is to figure out how to disable dep. By the way, in due time rumors persisted that turning off this function allows increasing the speed of the computer. Some users have argued that since the central processing unit and the operating system spend a fraction of their resources on checking the status of memory pages, knowing how to turn off dep can increase system performance. The basis of this assumption is correct, but the acceleration of the work is within the framework of the error, so they can be neglected.

Nevertheless, if there are problems with the start of a program due to DEP, the function can be disabled. In the "Seven" for this you need to do the following:

- press the combination Win + R;

- In the line that appears, type "bcdedit.exe / set {current} nx AlwaysOff" (without quotes) and press Enter.

Important: the user must work on the system with administrator rights. It's that simple. After this operation, the function will be disabled for all applications and services.

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