How to dilute "Furacilin" tablets, store and apply the solution?

The drug "Furacilin" - a popular and affordable tool, antibacterial and aseptic properties of which allow it to be widely used in the treatment of various ailments associated with inflammatory processes in the human to dilute furatsilin tablets

Properties of the drug "Furacilin"

The active ingredient nitrofural, which is part of the drug, has excellent antimicrobial activity against pathogens such as staphylococci, E. coli, streptococci, and many others. This drug is available in the form of tablets, pastes and ointments, tinctures and solutions. In the home first aid kit most often you can find the drug "Furacilin" in pills. They are usually yellow in color and small in size. How to breed "Furatsilin" tablets, prompt the tips described below. In the liquid state, the active substances of the drug act most effectively when inflammation occurs. To prepare this solution is quite simple.Its main ingredient is the drug "Furacilin" (tablets). Instructions for use and the method of its preparation will differ slightly depending on the disease.furatsilina solution of tablets

Scope of means "Furatsilin"

Due to its unique properties, the drug Furacilin is widely used for various injuries of the skin, for inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, for injuries of the eyes, ears, nasal sinuses, diseases of the throat and other diseases. A solution of "Furacilin" from tablets is applicable primarily for tonsillitis, stomatitis, as well as for the antiseptic irrigation of skin lesions. This solution is effective for sinus sinus - it is used to wash the nasal mucosa. Preparations "furatsilinovaya ointment" or paste are recommended for use with burns, frostbite of the skin and bedsores. Alcohol solution of the drug "Furacilin" is useful in acute otitis. The drug is heated in a heated state with a pipette in the auricle. Aqueous solution of "Furacilin" is also used in conjunctivitis and blepharitis to wash the eye mucosa.Inside the drug "Furatsilin" prescribed for acute dysentery. In general, the area of ​​its application is quite extensive.

Forms of release, and how to breed "Furatsilin" tabletsfuratsilin tablets instructions for use

The medicine "Furacilin" is produced in various forms: in the form of powder in glass containers, in tablets intended for internal administration. It is also sold in the form of ointment, furatsilinovoy paste and in the form of tablets for the preparation of aqueous or alcoholic solutions. The most common way to use the drug in question is a solution obtained by diluting this drug in hot water. Before you dilute "Furacilin" in tablets, they must be thoroughly crushed and, in accordance with the treatment being carried out, combined with the desired ingredient. The following describes the algorithm of action for the preparation of such a solution. It is necessary to prepare one crushed tablet; take boiled and cooled water to 40 degrees (100 ml), combine the ingredients and mix thoroughly. The resulting solution should be used as directed. If a large volume of medication is harvested immediately, then it should be stored closed in a refrigerating chamber.With further use, the resulting composition should be heated to the optimum temperature. You must also know how to dilute "Furacilin" in tablets to obtain an alcohol solution. To do this, as in the previous embodiment, grind the tablets of this drug to a powdered form and combine with purified ethyl alcohol.furatsilin tablets instructions for usealcohol. At the same time, clearly follow the steps in the following instructions: Prepare crushed tablets in the amount of three; take the purified alcohol in a volume of 100 ml; combine these ingredients; insist for 2-3 hours. Apply this solution immediately. Keep it in a dark dry place with no time limit. Also from this solution you can get furatsilinu ointment by adding part of petroleum jelly. The resulting substance is thoroughly mixed and infused for ten to twenty hours.

Rules for the use of solutions from the drug "Furatsilin"

Aqueous solutions of furatsilina widely used in medical institutions and in domestic conditions. The medicine will help: with complicated dermatitis, with eczema weeping, as eye drops for diseases of the eye mucosa.It is also used when washing purulent wounds, as a rinse in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Alcohol solution of the drug "Furacilin" is used for chronic otitis media, furuncles of the auditory canal, tonsillitis. In the latter case, preparation is necessary. In case of sore throat, before using alcohol tincture, you need to rinse the throat with a solution of soda and water, which will clear it of mucus and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug "Furacilin" is quite a strong antiseptic, and therefore costfuratsilina solution of tabletsknow about the contraindications. These are hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, open bleeding wounds, and the presence of allergic dermatosis. Side effects of the drug "Furacilin" include itching, peeling, allergic reactions and signs of dermatitis. With these symptoms, discontinue use of the medication in question.

special instructions

Of course, information on how to dilute "Furacilin" in tablets to obtain various solutions in the home, is very useful.But before applying it is advisable to consult with a specialist to avoid adverse results of self-treatment.

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