How to develop a hearing?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
February 28, 2013
How to develop a hearing?

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The organ of hearing is very sensitive and amazing in structure. All the sounds with which the world around is filled, each person can perceive in his own way. Someone has a sharp ear, discerning a whisper behind his back. And only musical sounds are subject to someone, but they are not receptive to strangers. How to develop a hearing? How to learn to distinguish different kinds of sounds?

Ear for music

By the presence of such a hearing, it is determined whether the person will be a musician or not. But persistent music lovers who are unable to accurately repeat the heard musical tone, do not give up. They work hard on fake singing with exercise. See how to develop a musical ear?

Not every person from birth has a good ear for music and immediately sings immaculately. To detect the presence of musical ear is easy.Usually they ask a person to determine by ear the number of sounds taken on the piano, or to sing a song to the end.

In musical institutions the development of hearing is engaged in "solfeggio." On this subject, study music literacy, recognize by ear individual sounds, chords, intervals. Record musical fragments from memory and sing melodies aloud with the name of the notes.

So, if you want to be a professional musician and singer, no matter how well you sing, be sure to do solfeggio to develop a musical ear.

Exercises for the development of hearing

There is a rumor: absolute, relative, sharp, phonetic. No matter what your rumor is, you need to develop it further. And to the question of how to develop hearing, one psychologist answered: it is necessary to develop attention and interest in sounds. After all, most often, when we hear some sounds, at this moment our mind is busy and we do not get the desired effect. Therefore, the rumor should be given more time and develop it through exercise.

  • Stand on a place where you do not see the speakers, but you can clearly distinguish their voices. Match their voices with their faces. Then turn around and check yourself.This exercise, in the form of a game, fell in love with many families. Sometimes close people cannot recognize the voices of their relatives.
  • Listen to a simple melody, and then sing it or whistle. This exercise not only develops hearing, but also focuses attention to sounds.

Do not neglect the exercises for the development of hearing!

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