How to define abilities?

Our abilities are the source of our abilities. A person can receive certain inclinations from birth, but for their realization, successful use it is necessary to develop abilities given by nature. Tips for developing your abilities are collected in this article.

In order to know in which direction to go, what to devote your life, you must determine your abilities. There are many different methods for this, the main ones of which are listed in the article below.

Favorite subject from the school curriculum

When thinking about how to determine your abilities, you first need to remember what subjects were given to you in the school the easiest way.

  • Obviously, those who easily solved problems in algebra have mathematical abilities.
  • Those who were excellent in Russian language and literature have philological abilities. At the same time, lovers of writing long, beautiful essays may even have writing skills.
  • If you adored biology, then it makes sense to think about the profession of a doctor, agronomist, breeder.
  • The love for laboratory work gives a potential inventor, engineer to a person.
  • Labor lessons are not empty classes at all. It is in the classroom that future designers, designers, as well as talented carpenters, carpenters, and even sculptors can unfold.
  • Small artists who make progress in drawing lessons can in the future become professional artists, architects, designers.
  • Those who did not get good marks in the classroom at all should remember their achievements in physical education. Potential athletes are often characterized by increased activity, which prevents them from focusing on the lessons. But in the gym, such students can climb the rope above all, score a beautiful goal in football, etc.

Hobbies and hobbies

The question of how to determine the ability, can worry even those people who have already received education and work. After all, people often make a mistake when choosing a profession, and then all their life they are engaged in an unloved affair.

In order to figure out why you are created, you need to pay attention to the hobby that fascinates you on weekends or after a hard day's work. Favorite hobby should be given as much time as possible and constantly improve in it.

Often a hobby develops into a job, a sphere of human activity. For example, a woman with a head in sewing after boring work in an office can open her own studio, and a man who is fond of chasing art can sell his creations.

It is important to remember that you can truly reveal yourself only in the profession that you like. The main condition for success is constant work and readiness to develop.

Psychological tests

Now there are a great many different psychological tests for determining abilities. Among them are two famous battery tests: DAT and GATB.

DAT - a battery of 8 tests, the results of which can predict the success of human learning in the university. During the tests, verbal thinking, numerical abilities, abstract thinking, spatial relationships, technical thinking, speed and accuracy of perception, and literacy are revealed. In addition, tests give an idea of ​​the academic abilities of a person, that is, the extent of his ability to learn. The test lasts 5 hours, and at this time the subject answers various questions, selects geometric shapes, and gives a description of the pictures.

GATB is a battery of 12 tests that will assess the intelligence of the subject, and also make a conclusion about vocational guidance.

Tests provide analysis of verbal, numerical, spatial abilities, and perception of form, mental perception of words, and coordination of movements, finger motor skills.

How to determine the child's abilities

For children, there are also peculiar tests for determining abilities. However, attentive parents can easily notice the predisposition of their children to certain activities, even without tests.

For example, small “why-ministers” who constantly ask questions to parents, try to learn new things, can manifest themselves in the intellectual sphere.

On the academic abilities will tell a rich vocabulary of the baby, the ability to concentrate, not to be distracted by the little things, interest in the classification of subjects.

Leadership abilities are manifested in childhood by the ability to easily make new friends, adapt to new surroundings, and lead group games.

And, of course, thinking about how to determine the creative abilities of the child, it is necessary to pay attention to the drawings and crafts.The doodles of the future artist are distinguished by a harmonious color palette even when the child is not able to draw properly.

Those who love to sing, dance, play musical instruments, undoubtedly have the ability to work in the field of music, dance and acting.

The main thing in determining the abilities of a child is to be attentive and not try to give what is desired.

Unusual human abilities

From time immemorial, legends tell us about people endowed with extraordinary abilities, such as clairvoyance, healing, ability to magic. Magic ability to determine difficult. However, there is an opinion that the unsolved potential of the clairvoyant lives in every person. It can be expressed in foreboding, intuition.

If you periodically guess the upcoming events, anticipate trouble, then you should pay attention to your dreams. It is believed that dreams in people endowed with intuition, are often prophetic. Do not be afraid of their unusual abilities, because they may be a normal phenomenon, which has not yet been studied by science.

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