How to determine his attitude?

It is important for every woman how she treats a person to whom she feels any feelings. We want to see in the guy not just a boyfriend for a couple of months, but a potential mate. In turn, men clearly divide us into ordinary mistresses and future wives. Complicated by the fact that they often care for a woman equally in both cases. So how to understand what's on his mind? What are his intentions? Is he planning a serious relationship or are you no more for him than a friend? We will tell you how to determine his attitude.

The Mystery Of Male Emotions

  • Stormy emotions. If a man falls in love, he expresses his emotions more vividly than usual. For example, if you are only his girlfriend, he will often mention you in conversation with other people, his eyes will burn, you will notice that he seems to be concerned about something. Moreover, if you call on him exceptionally friendly feelings, he will be absolutely calm and a little indifferent. If he treats you as his mistress, then he will look pleased and impatient, he will be waiting for a meeting that brings him only sexual arousal.
  • Sexual attraction.Having only a friendly relationship with a man, you will not see any sexual overtones. When he sees his partner as a mistress, he is unlikely to hide it. Most likely, the man will talk about it absolutely openly, he will not be afraid of losing his mistress, because they communicate only for the purpose of intimate pleasure. When a man loves, he is interested in marriage and having children, so he has to talk about sex with hints or suggestive questions.

How to understand the attitude of a guy: love

  • He notices all the changes in your mood, he makes you smile all the time, and is afraid to upset you. Your darling often wondered how your mood? Then, most likely, he is in love with you.
  • In addition to mood, he notices changes in your image, hairstyle, etc. He will always understand what kind of dress you are wearing - new or have you worn it already the last time.
  • The boy in love will not want to talk about himself all the time. He is interested to know how you live, how your day went, what you did and what plans you have for the future.
  • He misses. It seems that you have met quite recently, but did he miss you? This is a clear sign of love.He just wants to see you again, to hear your voice and laughter.
  • If you have conquered a man, then you will not have to call first or wait long for his call. He will call for any occasion he finds. And maybe for no reason, which is even nicer.
  • Do you notice that he often tries to touch you? So, it is given by human psychology, he likes to touch the object of his love.
  • The guy who thinks you are beautiful will always look you in the eyes during a conversation. At the same time pay attention to his pupils. They will be a little wider, thanks to the excited body.

How to know his attitude: friendship

We have already said that if a man experiences friendly relations with you and no more, then you will not see any sexual connotations in a relationship, but he will behave very balanced and calm. Besides:

  • He will be too frank with you. In the end, you are his girlfriend.
  • He will not pay attention to your appearance. You are the same to him, that in the home robe, that in a cocktail dress.
  • A friend can calmly ask you about relationships with other guys. He will not be angry and annoyed if you get yourself a guy.
  • Instead of driving you to the movies, he will offer you to sit somewhere and just have a beer. Friends do that.

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