How to describe yourself?

On the one hand, what could be simpler than telling about yourself, because somebody, everyone knows themselves completely! But when it needs to be done, for some reason, all the words fly away from my head. Immediately a sea of ​​questions arises - how to describe yourself, what to say, and what to keep silent about, which facts from the biography will play into the hands, and which will only worsen the situation. The first thing to remember is always to be guided by the situation when the moment of such an autobiographical story comes. In the article we will consider different situations and give simple tips.

Job interview

This happens with almost every person, and not just once. We come to get a job, you need to know how to describe yourself in front of a future manager or employee of the personnel department. In this situation, it is necessary to observe a clear sequence. First, say how old you are, where you were born, where you graduated from school, what your education is. Next, tell us briefly about the family according to the “married, two children” scheme. No need to talk about your mother-in-law and the rest of the relatives. After that, tell your work history from the very beginning, only briefly.It is necessary to dwell in detail only on those workplaces that are directly related to the future position. It is necessary not only to name the company and position, but also to tell about your functionality, what you did, who you were in charge of, what you were responsible for. Then tell us about your greatest achievement, which has brought great benefit to the company. If you are a very honest and risky person, you can also tell about your loss, many leaders appreciate it. In conclusion, be sure to inform your future boss about the completed refresher courses, participation in professional trainings, seminars, tell us about your personal qualities that may be useful in your new job.


There are many ways to describe yourself. But do not start with the information that was described by us earlier! When meeting you can talk about work in short - I work there and so and so. It is best to tell where you come from, what your family is like, what you like to do, what you like to do at your leisure. If you have successes and achievements in hobbies, then you can also tell about it.If you meet with a relative, with a colleague, just with a random passer-by, then this can be limited to.

Story to the person you liked

And if the interlocutor is very interested in you, you want to meet with him again, then you need a completely different approach to the question of how to describe yourself. Speak with him very sincerely, tell about what you love, what you value in a person, and honestly tell us what of the above is in you. Tell us where you live, in which quarter, in the house, and immediately ask where the interviewee lives, he will answer you with frankness to frankness. You can describe your family, tell. What are the good features in it, how everyone loves her grandmother, how they all go on nature together, how interesting you spend your time in the country, for example. And then ask the same questions to the person you meet. This technique will allow you to learn more about each other in a short time without the hard work of the brain. Just do not tell about your problems while telling about yourself! Your interlocutor does not need this, believe me, at least during the acquaintance. But the phone exchange at the end of the conversation will be taken for granted.

A story about themselves like-minded

In the circle of those who are interested in the same business as you do not need to think about how to describe yourself, better describe in detail your achievements in this matter. Tell us how everything started with you, how many years you have been in business, what you have invented, invented, and what skills you have achieved. This will not be perceived as boasting, because you are here in order to gather skills.

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