How to delete a folder?

Folders are a convenient way to group files. In Windows, there are standard sets of user folders, and in addition, you can create them yourself in unlimited quantities. But what if the folder is no longer needed? In this article we will explain how to delete a folder in Windows.

Deleting folders in Windows

The easiest way to delete a folder is to select it and press the [Del] key. Another option is to click on the folder with the right mouse button and select the "Delete" option. Depending on the operating system settings, a dialog box may appear asking you to confirm the deletion.

When using both methods, the folder is moved to the Recycle Bin, from where it can be restored if necessary. But there is also the possibility to delete the folder permanently - in this case, it will not be subject to recovery. To do this, select the folder and press the [Shift] + [Del] keys, and then confirm the deletion in the dialog box. However, without special need, it is better not to use this method anyway - there is a high risk of permanently deleting the necessary files by mistake.

Uninstall from the command line

There is also the option to delete any folder using the command line. If the folder is empty, a simple rd "full path to the folder" command is suitable, for example, rd "C: \ Users \ IvanIvanov \ Desktop \ Folder". Type it and press [Enter]. If there are files and subfolders inside the folder, you need to use the rd / s command "full path to folder". Type it, press [Enter] and confirm the deletion by pressing the [Y] key.

Deleting service folders

With extreme caution should be taken to remove the service and system folders that store the files necessary for the normal operation of the system. You can not delete the folder "Windows", "Program Files" and other system directories on the disk "C: \". However, to do this in any case is not easy - the operating system will not allow.

Some service folders, however, can be deleted, if you understand why this is necessary. For example, if you delete a folder of an application in the "C: \ Users \ Your username \ AppData \ Local" or "C: \ Users \ Your username \ AppData \ Roaming" directory, all settings of this application are usually reset. , and the next time you start it, it will look as if you opened it for the first time.

You can read more about what other service folders you can delete and how this is done in our articles. Is it possible to delete the "temp" folder and How to delete Windows.old.

Folder Removal Software

In addition to the built-in Windows mechanisms, you can use special programs to delete folders. This is useful in the case when the usual way to delete a folder does not work - in this case, you can install the Unlocker application, which we described in the article How to delete a folder if it is not deleted.

In addition, there are programs for permanently deleting files and folders that are useful if you want to completely erase any sensitive information from your hard drive. For example, this is a free utility File Shredder and other similar applications that are easy to find on the Internet.

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