How to decorate the office for the New Year with your own hands?

The office of a large corporation is the territory of business and success, so there is no need to decorate it with simple paper hand-made articles made in haste. The same in most cases applies to small firms. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the finished composition or, armed with high-quality materials and design approach, to decorate the office for the New Year with their own hands.

Chef gave the go-ahead

Since early December, everything starts to live in anticipation of the holiday. The shop windows, streets and all the rooms where you have to go for personal business or work are decorated with small and large Christmas trees, LED garlands, luminous figures of New Year's characters, reminding that a miracle will happen soon. But if you come to work, and around only dullness and despondency, then the only way out is to decorate.

How to decorate the office for the New Year? If this question is put before you by the boss, then you can start brainstorming and pleasant discussion with colleagues, purchase materials for making decorations and start work.If this idea came to you before the chief thought about the decoration, it is better to first coordinate the initiative with the management. This will avoid unnecessary problems on the eve of the holiday.

how to decorate the office with their own hands

It is necessary to coordinate everything not only with the authorities, but also with the staff. Of course, if we are talking about decorating a separate (personal) cabinet, then you can show individuality and decide for yourself how to decorate the office for the New Year. But if there are several tables for employees in the same room or it is generally an open space, then it is necessary to consult with colleagues.

To entrust everything to the designer?

Office decoration should be stylish, create a festive atmosphere and not distract from work. How to decorate the office for the New Year? If you have absolutely no ideas or mood to decorate yourself, you can invite a designer. A secured company can afford it, and a professionally decorated office will add prestige in the eyes of customers and partners.

There are a lot of things in the assortment of agencies that organize holidays (they decorate offices and other premises).These are helium balloons or compositions of them, and light balls or figures, and a variety of artificial Christmas trees, and floral arrangements in a holiday style, and coniferous arches.

If such delights are not affordable, it may be worth confining to one thing, a stylish piece that will make the office festive. Arches of balloons, for example, are commonplace. Instead, you can build a stylish Christmas tree (it is not necessary to be artificial or natural, you can make it from almost any material), a figurine-symbol of the year, snowflakes. In the event that the budget is too limited, spending it on balloons is impractical. Here will help out a fantasy and a sense of style.

Preparatory stage

How to decorate the office on the eve of the holiday? First you need to remember that preparing for the New Year is the best reason to get rid of rubbish, piles of unnecessary papers and do the cleaning to clear the free space for change for the better and new (necessarily successful) cases. In a cluttered office, any jewelry will look out of place and only draw attention to the confusion.

Remove dust from the farthest corners, hide away the symbols of the outgoing year, review the paper and get rid of unclaimed parts. A good idea is to clean up the computer or laptop. Hands never reach this point. Of course, the technique also needs decoration - put Christmas wallpaper on the desktop, and paste snowflakes on the case. If you have a habit of keeping a cactus close by, you can make an improvised Christmas tree from it.

All this will give strength to further decorate the office and create a New Year's mood.

Simple decor options for the office

How to decorate the office for the New Year? You can do it with your own hands as well as by inviting professionals. Immediately it is necessary to postpone the idea of ​​decorating with garlands of paper, tinsel or assorted toys. A nice and easy-to-use version is the same type of Christmas balls. It is better to choose in one color or a maximum of two or three shades. You can buy or order balloons brand colors.

how to decorate the office

Balls can be hung from the ceiling or decorate the Christmas tree. It is better to take a Christmas tree artificial - it will be easier to maintain order, and it can be reused next year.Not necessarily the tree should be green. On the eve of the holiday, New Year's beauties are sold in various colors and sizes.

If the room does not allow you to put the Christmas tree, you can do with a coniferous wreath on the door, make a wall version of the Christmas tree or table. To make a New Year's beauty, LED strip, multi-colored stickers, pens and pencils, tinsel will do. The main thing - to show imagination.

How to decorate the office at work? With the help of Christmas balls, you can make a stylish hanging version of the Christmas tree. It is necessary to hang the balls at different levels from the ceiling so that they form the correct cone. At first it may seem difficult, but in fact it’s a worthwhile undertaking - not so much time and energy is spent, and the result is really impressive.

Creative from own products

How to decorate the office for the holiday? Look at what you release or sell every day. Perhaps from these things you can create a Christmas tree. This option requires ingenuity, but it contains an additional bonus for the company. Thus, it is quite possible to attract new customers, and those that doubt will understand that you really love your business and produce high-quality goods or provide good services.

To start, look for a cone-shaped object. It may even be a small stepladder or a tripod for a camera. If this is not, the frame can be made independently. For this suitable wire, cardboard, foam. Now feel free to start decorating the base with your products. For example, a very Christmas tree made of warm socks, gloves and mittens, skeins of yarn will look very cozy.

how to decorate the office at work

It is possible to build a New Year's beauty with the help of books, old editions of newspapers, plastic dishes. Everything will be used if we decorate the office for the New Year. You can see the photos of the original trees in this article. Especially stylish will look a tree of alcoholic beverages.

Christmas fireplace in the office

Work - second home? Then why not add comfort? Moreover, in the pantry, every merchandiser or supply manager is always full of all free New Year's décor. These are boxes of plain gray-brown cardboard. Of these, you can fold the Christmas fireplace - a dummy that will create a festive atmosphere.

The easiest way is to find three large boxes and put them so that the letter P. turns out.Two boxes are needed for the sides of the fireplace, another one for the surface. Small ones will do, only they will need to be glued together among themselves in several pieces in order to obtain the desired shape and size of the fireplace. Then secure the surface with the side parts using adhesive tape or white glue.

If there is a large box, for example, from the monitor, then you can make a stand for the fireplace so that it is slightly higher. When you achieve the desired shape and size of the decorative element, glue all the parts and leave it to dry for several hours, and better at night.

Next, cover the decorative fireplace with white paper for gift wrapping. This is necessary if you want to decorate it with “bricks”. Instead, you can immediately use the wallpaper with a pattern of bricks, they will need quite a bit. If there is no wallpaper, simply paste over the fireplace with bricks, i.e. rectangles cut from paper. The back wall, which will be leaned against the wall, you can not touch.

Christmas fireplace do it yourself

Now cut a piece of cardboard from some box, the size of which is slightly larger than the back wall of the fireplace. It will be the hearth. Cardboard should be painted black and glued to the back.Flames can also be cut out of cardboard or put orange LED strip into the fireplace.

How to decorate the office? Photos of the fireplace you can see above. Such a decorative element for decorating the cabinet can be placed against a free wall.

Christmas vases with toys

How beautiful to decorate the office for the New Year? Minimalist, stylish and easy to make ornament for the study - a vase with Christmas decorations. First you need glass containers. You can take a big glass, a vase, a salad bowl. In the capacity just put Christmas balls and garlands-beads. How to decorate the office? Just put such a decorative vase on the table, one or more of them can be put on the shelves nearby, on the windowsill.

The smaller the glass packaging, the smaller the jewelry should be. Three Christmas balls in a small glass will look ugly, it is better to put there many small balls, sprinkling them with artificial snow. You can also use cones, fir branches, star figures and similar decorative items.

Stylish DIY garlands

How to decorate the office? Garlands that can be made independently.Such decorations will be no worse in appearance than the purchased ones. For example, you can take dry and clean bumps and tie them in a jute rope. In order for the garland to have a festive look, you need to decorate the scales of the cones with “snow” of white paint.

To make it work, pour a small amount of paint into a paper or plastic disposable plate. Dip the bumps in the paint. Now turn the cone so that it is covered with paint on all sides. Leave to dry. When all the bumps are dry, wrap the end of the thread around the bottom of the first and tie it over a double knot. Tie the second, third and other cones in the same way, on the last tie a double knot.

to decorate the office for the new year with their own hands

How to decorate the office for the New Year? Stylish Christmas garland-tulips can be made from the usual packaging from under the eggs, or rather, from several. First cut the covers off the boxes. Using a stationery knife, carefully cut the cells and areas between cells out of the box. The first will be needed for the tulips themselves, the second - for the small buds.

With the help of scissors form the walls of the cells of the petals. When all the flowers are ready, you can start painting.It is better to do it with acrylic paints (long-lasting), but watercolor is also suitable. In the latter case, the flowers will be more tender. Dry flowers comfortably on wooden skewers stuck in the box lid.

When all the elements are dry, cut a small cross in each flower with a stationery knife. Insert a bulb of LED garland in each bud. Now the garland can be hung in any suitable place.

How to decorate the office for the New Year? You can make another luminous garland with your own hands. These will be small spheres, as if hanging in the air. This handicraft looks quite impressive and very stylish. You will need ping-pong balls, a stationery knife, an electric garland.

On each ball with a knife you need to make an incision in the form of a cross. Now every bulb vdte in the ball. Only two actions and a stylish garland to decorate the cabinet on the eve of the holiday is ready.

Wreath of fir branches

How to decorate the office at work for the New Year, if you want the holiday atmosphere, and there is no place to put the Christmas tree? You can simply build a Christmas wreath and hang it on the door. For the manufacture of such decorative elements you will need artificial fir branches, balls of different sizes (it is desirable to choose one or three colors), satin ribbon, wire,thick cardboard for the base, scissors and pliers, glue gun, wire.

First, cut out the base of the desired size in the form of a bagel from cardboard. Now, on this basis, with the help of a glue gun or wire, you need to fasten fir branches in a circle. This is the most crucial stage, since everything should be smooth. When done, you can begin to decorate the base for a wreath.

how to decorate the office to the new

Glue or fix in a different way a few Christmas balls. Looks very nice options when using balls of different diameters. You can use bells, garlands, beads, stars, and so on. In the course will go all that there is in the bins. It is good to decorate the wreath with a satin ribbon of a suitable color.

Window decorations

How to decorate the office with a new one (do it yourself with your own hands) simply so that the decor is noticed from the street? You can make the backlight of the windows, arrange them with an electric garland and streamers of tinsel. But more original will look painted with special artificial snow in a can. It is enough to cut (or buy a ready) stencil, lean against the window and spray paint.So you can draw ordinary snowflakes, a snowy landscape or a ballerina on the window.

The window sill should also be arranged in a New Year's way. Fir cones, cotton wool compositions (snow cover), figures of the symbol of the coming year will do. Flower pots can be wrapped with satin ribbons of the same or different colors, and several cones should be put on the ground, which should be primed with artificial snow beforehand.

New Year in workshops and warehouses

Each production plant has a room with high ceilings - a warehouse or workshop. This is a great opportunity to make a very big Christmas tree. If you produce building bags or packaging material, you can make a Christmas tree out of these items. If you do something square and large, then everything is simple. Make (with the help of loaders, of course) a large Christmas tree, having built a beautiful pyramid. It can be decorated with balls, artificial snow or LED garlands.

to decorate the office at work for the new year

Christmas tree can even be made from waste production. It is enough to fold the boards in a beautiful composition. You can simply knock down three wooden sheets-boards in the shape of a cone, randomly or drilled holes in the sides, where you need to put the ropes, hang balls on these ropes.And the easiest way to make a ball is to crumple a sheet of newsprint and wrap it in a wrapping.

Wish box

In the New Year, one cannot avoid warm words, wishes of success in undertakings and sincere thanks from colleagues, business partners, satisfied customers. For this purpose, you can build a mailbox. Just put a regular box around the New Year's wrapping paper, decorate it and put it in a visible place. The first greeting cards and notes with pleasant words will surely appear there before the holiday.

Greeting cards from such a box can be reviewed at times when hands are lowered and it seems that the work does not bring any fruit (and this happens to everyone from time to time). Warm words from colleagues, partners, clients will make you believe in your strength again and take up new productive ideas for new ideas.

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