How to decorate the forum?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 19, 2013
How to decorate the forum?

Many forum owners know this situation when there is a forum that is filled with high-quality content, but there are still few visitors. The whole point here is that the availability of high-quality content does not guarantee a large number of visitors, for the visitors it’s very important to design the forum and its appearance. Therefore, the question of how to decorate the forum is very relevant.

Forum Decoration Tips

  • First of all, you need to have a good header on the site, that is, the upper part of the site.
  • The colors used on the site should not be too bright, because it spoils the eyesight and annoys the users of your forum.
  • If possible for users, create rankings and ranks, because it is thanks to this that each user will know whether to trust the words of this or another user.
  • Also, many users like it when the site has the ability to insert emoticons that express all sorts of emotions.
  • Create a voting opportunity.
  • Availability of feedback form with the administration.

Communication with visitors

Decorating your site, do not forget about the comfort of users and pollute the site with a bunch of different and unnecessary details. Such options are known, for example, when the site is placed on Ucoz, there is almost no attendance, there is wonderful content, and all the pages of the site are filled with some unnecessary widgets and ads. For example, why does a person need weather or a currency rate on a cooking site?

To beautifully decorate a forum, it is worth hearing your visitors, and even better to create a forum topic on how to decorate your forum, in which all users will be able to express their opinions about the design and the site as a whole, where they can tell you exactly what enough on the forum, and what is superfluous.

Another option is to create a site account on Odnoklassniki, where you can communicate with visitors to your site, discuss how to decorate forms, etc. Also, do not forget to decorate the forum in Odnoklassniki, because the design there should also be pleasant for users to see. .

Ways to decorate the site

By the way, holidays are a good reason to change the forum, to decorate it. For example, when the New Year holidays are approaching and winter has come,then you can put a script of falling snowflakes on your site or insert a salute or other picture into the header of your site, which, in your opinion, most reflects the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

Also on the site you can set the running date of the news, because it is a great way to get visitors to browse a few more topics. It is a good idea to add pictures on different topics of your forum, it will dilute the monotonous text. You will also need to find different text styles.

Never forget that you are decorating a forum for users, so always respect their opinion.

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