How to cut the tree: instructions, recommendations. Fine for the felled tree.

Anyone who lived in a rural environment or has a cottage outside the city, perfectly understands the complexity of the work that has to be done daily. Each tree cut is many thousands of calories burned, and often nerves - how to know where it will fall? Fortunately, there are many effective recommendations that allow you to simplify and secure this process.

cut treeFirst, uncover your chainsaw (and work best of all with its help). Check the fuel level, make sure that the instrument is fully operational, and if necessary, tighten or re-sharpen the circuit. Prepare all the additional tools that may be useful to you during the work. But ... "How much does it cost" to cut down a tree, if you decide to do it without permission, without obtaining the appropriate permission from regulatory authorities?

What you need to remember

If you are sick of death on a tree in the street behind the fence, and you want to get rid of it, first talk to the local authorities. The point here is in legal conflicts. It happens that the territory, which begins literally beyond the fence of the dacha, belongs to the local lesnichestvo, and the fine for the tree that has been felled, which was dumped without a permit, is up to five thousand rubles. The liability of legal entities may exceed 200 thousand rubles.

Safety rules when working with electric saws

Is it possible to cut trees using an electric tool? Not everyone likes to work with gasoline-powered saws, which make a lot of noise and smoke. Electric saws when felling trees are no worse than their “liquid-fuel” counterparts, but when working with them at this moment it is extremely important to observe at least the basic safety rules!

how to cut a tree chainsawNote that this tool loves oil. Often knock out sawdust from under the protective cover when working. This will ensure uninterrupted supply of lubricant to the chain. If there is a need to cut a large number of stumpy and gnarled trees, do not hope for the oil pump in the saw itself: put a bucket of oil near the workplace and from time to time just dip the tire into it. Naturally, with this method, do not forget to sometimes remove the sawdust.

Note that for electric saws, you can only use oil with a sufficient degree of density. Spun and transformer oils for these purposes do not fit perfectly! Do you think this stuff? Unfortunately no. Suppose you decide to cut down a tree: where to turn if a broken chain “snaps” a decent piece from your foot? So do not regret the grease!

Other rules

fine for sawed woodThe second. Working with a bad chain is fraught with not only injuries, but also the fact that the saw quickly “wastes” the already poor motor potential of the engine. Use only (!) Normal chains, do not buy "branded" products in the markets, being driven by their low cost. Do not forget to sharpen the chain: a normal file is cheaper than an asterisk, “flown” from the work “in the tension”. In addition, a dull chain is the right and right way to wear the engine, which alone is practically impossible to get.

Do not operate at reduced mains voltage! In conditions of high voltage protection will work, but when its value drops, the saw will work, catastrophically overheating. By the way, electric saws are devices that are not intended for long-term use. After a few minutes of work, be sure to pause, allowing the saw to cool.

What you need to do before starting work?

To cut the tree with a bang did not fall right on the head of the hapless lumberjack, before starting work you need to do / check the following:

  • Is your future “sacrifice” worth it straight, or is the tree curved into a bagel.
  • Immediately decide in which particular direction you are going to throw it.
  • All work space in this direction should be carefully cleared, removing knots, branches, stones and other debris.
  • It is necessary to prepare the tree itself, completely removing all the knots and massive flows of bark, located below the level of your shoulder.

Where will the top fall?

cut down a tree where to goIf you have already decided on the side where you are going to dump the tree, but you are not sure of your eye meter and do not want it to fall directly on the house of your beloved neighbor, it is advisable to check the place where the peak collapses. Make it easy.

First, take an ax in an outstretched hand and stand next to a tree. Go to the direction in which the “baobab” was gathered, until its silhouette becomes visually equal in size to the ax. Fix this moment and look at yourself under your feet - you are just standing on the very spot where the cut tree will fall (more precisely, its top). If you do not get a neighbor's fence or a house on your way, then everything is in order, and you can get to work. In the case when on the path of a falling tree inevitably there will be something like a power line, you should change the direction of stalling the tree immediately.

How to work saw?

Immediately, we note that the technique of felling large and small trees is different, and it is difficult not to notice. The easiest way, as it is easy to guess, is the case with "small-scale". And because with it we begin. So, what do you need to do to see a sawed tree at your feet?

First you need to make a neat cut in the direction the trunk is tilted (at least there is almost always a slight tilt). If the tree is perfectly straight, the incision is made in the direction where you plan to dump it. Do not be zealous! The cut must be done on 50% of the diameter of the trunk, and not strive immediately to brush the tree with one “light movement”. If you work with an electric saw, be sure to let the tool cool down from time to time.

Completion of work

Carefully file the trunk on the other side, “grasping” that moment until it begins to fall. After that, quickly move away from the place where the top of the tree you saw should fall. If the tree is quite small, then the easiest way is to first cut it off at the level of its shoulder, and only then carefully cut the wood piece by piece. Everything, in general.

how much does it cost to cut a treeHere's how to cut a tree with a chainsaw or electric tool. But this is still half the battle, since you have yet to prepare a large pile of firewood and cut branches! How it's done?

How to cut the already dumped tree trunk?

Sawing must start with the most distant branches. Small branches can be cut down with an ax, or cut off with a saw without any reason. But the big pieces first file off the top, and then cut the bottom. It is necessary to do this so that the sawn wood does not squeeze tightly the tire of your saw. The same goes for the biggest knots.

We think it would be useful to remind you: when working, try to put chumps under the sawn tree trunk so that the tool chain does not touch the ground when working. Otherwise, she is very quickly blunt, and in especially severe cases, it can even break, hitting and crippling the unlucky logger. So we figured out the "little things".

And now let's talk about “mastodons”: how to cut a tree correctly? The technology of large trunk trunks is distinguished by some nuances of great importance. Carefully follow the sequence of work described by us, since the consequences of their non-compliance can be severe.

We bring down large trees

Remember that we talked about the importance of choosing the direction of stalling? If you need to cut down a tree of “monumental” sizes, then these rules become even more relevant. In the case when a small branch falls on your head, or on the roof of your house, then there is nothing wrong with that. But in the case when a huge and old poplar will collapse on the same surfaces, then nothing good will definitely happen.

is it possible to cut down treesFirst you need to make an upper cut, directing the saw bar at an angle of 60 degrees to the surface of the trunk. Naturally, this should be done from the side on which you want to drop a tree. In contrast to the previous case, the trunk should be sawn by no more than 25-30% of its diameter. As soon as you make the upper cut, begin to cut below it. In this case, you must cut a triangular piece of wood. By the way, this is how beavers work when building their dams.

After that, go to the opposite side of the tree and make another horizontal cut exactly opposite the first one. It is extremely important to ensure that it does not reach the first one by about 10% of the total thickness of the trunk. Finished?

And now you insert a wedge into the received cut (or a special dilator for felling). While banging it with a sledgehammer or ax head, we “finish off” the tree, initiating the beginning of its fall. There is also an easier way to rolls that experienced lumberjacks use: the tree is sawn through (this requires a long tire and a powerful saw), and then the tool is started to be advanced in the direction that the trunk should be dumped. It turns out nedopil. A wedge is inserted into it in the same way, and the operation that we have already described above is repeated.

Features sawing trunk and branches

In the case of large trees, it is advisable to start cutting the branches below. As in the past case, first the top is cut, and then everything else is “cut off” from the bottom. If the branch is very large, then you need to cut it not right at the base, but a little distance. The knot is then removed separately. Correct sawing is done as follows:

  • Cutting is done on top on 50% wood diameter.
  • Important! Without removing the saw blade from it, insert a wedge in the same direction, and only then pull out the saw! Otherwise, the wood will tightly clamp in
  • After that, you can finish to the end, trying not to touch the ground.

If you decide to cut a tree in your area, but the saw tire is firmly stuck in it, do not pull it out! It is necessary to turn off the engine and, gently shaking the barrel in different directions, gradually pull the tire out of the trap in which it finds itself. So let's summarize.

Rules for safe felling of trees

  • If you work with a chainsaw, smoking in the process of cutting is absolutely unacceptable. Wood and gasoline - a great combination! With a particularly "successful" scenario, you will definitely have nothing to cut, since everything will just burn out ...
  • Pregnant women, children and pets in the area where you are going to cut trees, in any case should not be.
  • Wear gloves when handling and hold the tool firmly. Drop it - and you can stay not only without a saw, but without a leg.
  • Do not cut the tree vertically with the edge of the saw; a “rebound effect” may work and the tool will throw straight at you.
  • Wear work gloves and clothing, protect your face from slivers and dust. To make it easier to work, put on special soundproof headphones, otherwise the buzz of the chainsaw will be remembered for a long time.
  • When felting, use a tree trunk as a shield, do not go unnecessarily to the place where the trunk falls, if you have already made a cut.
  • If you work with an electric saw, please select the extenders of “acidic” bright colors. Such wires can be clearly seen, and therefore the risk of accidentally sawing them is minimal.

need to cut down a treeHere's how to cut a tree correctly: this work is rather hard, but, if the basic safety requirements are met, it is not dangerous. Cases of injuries and injuries occur, but, as a rule, inexperienced lumberjacks are to blame.

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