How to cut grapes?

Today it is difficult to say when people first began to grow grapes. The first mention of this fruit crop can be found even before the beginning of our era. They made wine and cognac from grapes and ate berries. They even created special professions related to this fruit, for example, a grape picker. Nowadays, grapes are no less popular. And people are increasingly growing grapes in their garden. It should be noted that homemade berries are much tastier and healthier. The process of caring for grapes is quite complicated. So, pruning is an important part of it. Let's figure out how to cut the grapes.

Why prune grapes

There are several reasons why grapes should be pruned. So, this plant has completely unlimited growth possibilities. Therefore, if it is not cut off in time, the grapes will constantly grow, and then go to the wall of the house, the fence, etc.

In addition, during the growing season, each bud creates a fruit part and a long branch. And there are many such branches, because there are plenty of kidneys on one branch. All branches, of course, bear fruit, but the fruits grow very small and not tasty.If the bush has not been pruned for many years, then all the berries are on the periphery of the plant, and they are suitable for food only to birds and animals.

By the way, the process of cutting grapes was invented in ancient times thanks to animals. People noticed that the bushes, on which the peripheral branches ate donkeys, bore much better fruit.

How to cut grapes: important points

Most often, the grapes are pruned once a year in the autumn. Pruning grapes produced at this time due to the fact that all active processes in the plant freeze, which means that the bush can safely survive the removal of most of its branches. So do not even think about how to cut grapes in the summer. In the warm season it is absolutely impossible to do this.

It should be said about what the plant should be cut. There is one important rule of growing grapes - the plant will bear fruit one year after the vine ripens. Therefore, it is impossible to cut the plant that is planted in the current year.

And one more few points that need to be addressed before talking about how to cut the grapes for the winter. The first thing you need to know - the trunk, which goes into the roots, called "shtamb".From it come a few so-called “sleeves,” which keep fruitful vines on themselves. The shtamb should be small - up to 1 meter in height if the grapes grow without special coverings for the winter. Otherwise, the height may be less.

The second thing that is important to know is that perennial vines do not bear fruit. Therefore, it makes no sense to leave two and three-year branches, as they take a lot of nutrients, but do not give fruit. But we proceed to the process of pruning grapes.

How to cut grapes

Cut the grapes should be with the preparation tool. You will need sharp shears and gloves to protect your skin. The sharp blade will cut the branch quickly without causing unnecessary damage to the plant.

With immediate circumcision, it is important to imagine what form you want to set. Remember that grapes are a fairly tall plant, and the outer vines are completely useless. Therefore it is necessary to leave a small bush with thick but short branches. If you want to see the process itself directly, the video on how to cut grapes with detailed instructions is quite easy to find on the Internet.

If you explain with words, then you need to cut off the main sleeve almost completely, leaving only the vine on it to replace it, and several fruitful branches for next year. Remember that fruits give only vines after a year of growth. Therefore, you need to leave only those branches that definitely have one year! It is advisable to choose the vine, which is located as close as possible to the stem. This is important in order to trim as much of the main sleeve as possible for better circulation of the juices in the plant.

And the last thing you need to know in order to cut the grapes in the fall. The cut line can go almost anywhere. Some experts say that you need to cut the kidney, others that you need to cut the stem of the vine directly. Here you decide. Also, consider the variety of your grapes. In some varieties, the first few buds do not bear fruit. Therefore, you must leave at least 8 buds in order not to deprive yourself of the grapes in the coming year.

So now you know all about how to cut grapes. The subtleties and nuances of this process come only with experience, so experiment, read the literature on gardening. Rich harvest to you!

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