How to cut a pumpkin?

Anna Kazakova
Anna Kazakova
April 18, 2013
How to cut a pumpkin?

Halloween owes its appearance to the ancient Celtic tribes who once lived on the territory of modern England. Initially, it was a celebration of sacrifice. Since it was believed that on this day the door between the two worlds - the living and the dead - opened a little, and in order to “butter up” evil from the afterlife, they brought a lot of food. Gradually the holiday was transformed, but did not lose its popularity. Residents of Western Europe and America are eagerly preparing for it to this day. Only now it is more fun entertainment.

Relatively recently, this holiday fun evil began to celebrate in Russia. Halloween for some couple of decades has become one of the favorites in our country. Following the western tradition, we are increasingly dressing up monsters and ghosts, preparing themed treats and decorating the house for All Saints Day parties on October 31. An integral attribute of her is, of course, Jack from the pumpkin - the face of the monster, carved on the gutted pumpkin. A candle is lit inside.How to cut a pumpkin for Halloween so that it turned out to be funny and creepy at the same time? Now tell in detail.

We will need:

  • medium size or large pumpkin - 1 piece,
  • a sharp thin knife - 1 piece,
  • stencil and marker,
  • candle.

First, the pumpkin must be cleaned of viscera. To do this, cut off her "hat". Then we take out the seeds and with a tablespoon we scrape the flesh out, while ensuring that the thickness of the peel is thick enough not to break, but not too thin, otherwise it will be difficult to cut. Optimally - 0.5 - 1 cm.

  • Put the flesh aside - we do not need it - and proceed to carving the pumpkin.
  • In the manufacture of pumpkin lantern, you can work what is called "by hand" and apply the contour of the mouth, eyes and nose on the pumpkin with a marker on the pumpkin. But it is better to use a stencil, as it is quite difficult to cut a pumpkin, especially for beginners in this business. Examples of stencils are, for example.
  • Imprinted stencil impose on the pumpkin, circle the marker.
  • Carefully with a sharp knife cut along the contour of the face of pumpkin Jack.
  • We put inside a lit candle.

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