How to cure vitiligo?

Among skin diseases, vitiligo stands separately, manifested in the absence of pigment in certain areas of the skin, as well as in the loss of hair color on them. This article will explain what kind of disease it is and how to cure vitiligo. The pathogenesis of the disease consists in the destructive power of melanocytes, i.e. those skin cells that are responsible for producing pigment. Possible discoloration and retina. Until now, it has not been established exactly how this happens. 5% of patients get rid of the disease over time, without any special treatment. In other cases - thanks to careful diagnosis and healing.


To date, it is impossible to say about the direct cause of what is called a disease of vitiligo. But a causal relationship has been established with the physical or psychological stress suffered by a person, hormonal disturbances, and infectious and autoimmune diseases. You can also talk about the form of vitiligo, caused by the amount of chemicals accumulated in the body.In this case, as the flow of chemical elements into the body stops, self-healing occurs.


According to the prevalence of spots, there are three types:

  • Localized form:
    • focal - 1-2 patches of skin with spots
    • segmental - spots are manifested on one half of the body
    • mucosa - the appearance only on the mucous membranes of the body.
  • Generalized form:
    • acrocyphalic - the appearance of spots on the face and limbs
    • vulgar - spots are located on the body symmetrically to each other
    • mixed
  • Universal form: pigment is lost on the surface of 80% of the skin.

By spot color:

  • Inflamed: there is an inflamed line around the spot.
  • Blue: a blue tint to a bleached stain.
  • Tricolor vitiligo: lighter areas of skin limit discoloration as a transitional zone.
  • Four-color vitiligo: three color spots are added around a more pigmented area than healthy skin.


Often, no subjective feelings arise. But maybe slight scratching in the place of formation of a new spot. It does not affect the general condition of the body. The only thing that causes discomfort is the white spots of vitiligo, which are subsequently combined into a single milky-white spot.At the same time, the skin itself in these areas does not change its smoothness and elasticity, skin pattern and moisture. This is essentially one of the hallmarks of vitiligo from other dermatitis. Spots appear most often on the hands, elbows, knees, in the armpits, on the face in the area of ​​the mouth and eyes. The progression of the disease in all individually, from smooth to intermittent.


Allowed in the treatment of vitiligo folk remedies, but should precede any treatment extensive diagnosis of the body. The treatment regimen is always individual, and can last from 4 months to a year. The effectiveness of the use of any drug is established not earlier than after 3 months of its continuous use. Basic methods:

  • PUVA therapy is the use of psoralen preparations that increase the body's perception of ultraviolet rays, with simultaneous ultraviolet radiation.
  • Hormonal ointment. They help prevent the destruction of melanocytes.
  • Narrow-wave lamps. Treatment with vitiligo lamp is a highly effective method.
  • Excimer laser. The effectiveness of the method is hampered by its high cost and the likelihood of frequent relapses.
  • Skin graftingThe patient is transplanted their healthy skin to the affected areas. Effective with small foci of vitiligo. As an experimental method of treatment, melanocyte transplantation is used.
  • Whitening skin. The feasibility of this treatment for vitiligo - with 70% of the skin prone to the disease. Often there is a re-restoration of the pigment in some areas, they can again be subjected to bleaching.

In the complex of those funds, which are named, doctors recommend carrying out and measures to restore the work of the liver, intestines and endocrine system. And also helps in how to get rid of vitiligo - a diet that excludes the use of harmful products (fatty, smoked, fried, carbonated and alcoholic beverages). However, limit the intake of food allergens, i.e. seafood, citrus, tomatoes, eggs, chocolate, strawberries.

Treatment of children

Treatment of children from 4 years will be the same as in adults. But if a newborn, or a child under 4 years old, was diagnosed with vitiligo, treatment with folk remedies should not begin immediately, because at this age there are cases of self-healing. If this does not happen, then it is necessary to carefully consider the diagnosis and delivery of all tests, with the advice of several specialists.The main thing for the child will be positive contact with him, introducing him to a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

Folk recipes

Here are some remedies that are often cited as a popular treatment for vitiligo:

  • Infusion of parsnip: a tablespoon of crushed leaves is filled with 200 g of boiling water, infused for 2 hours, then 4 r / d of 50 ml are taken, before meals for 15 minutes. A week later, increase to 100 ml. Simultaneously rub the affected areas with broth.
  • Emulsion from sycamore bark: Mix 1 tablespoon of burnt sycamore bark with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and rub into the skin.
  • Duck broth: 1 tsp dry grass boil for 15 minutes with 250 g of water. Defend an hour and strain. Drink everything for 15 minutes before eating. Do it 3 r / d for 4 months.
  • A decoction of 7 herbs: mix dried and chopped herbs - 3 parts of Hypericum, 3 hours of sage, 2 hours of nettle leaves, 2 hours of plantain leaves, 1 hour of oregano, 1 hour of chamomile flowers and calendula. On 4 tbsp. collection - 500 grams of water in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool it down. Strain, take 3 r / d for 15 minutes before meals for 15 gr.

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