How to cure a fright?

January 25, 2015
How to cure a fright?

Fear is one of the basic instincts of man, which is designed to save our lives. However, sometimes fear develops into a serious disease - a phobia or other obsessive state and very much prevents a person from living fully. Especially often scared young children or older guys. There can be a lot of traumatic events: harsh barking of a dog, swearing or quarreling of adults, a terrible picture on TV. An adult can also scare something like that.

Today we will learn how to cure a fright, consider the most effective ways.

How to cure a child's fright

You can not ignore the fear of the child in the hope that "itself will pass." Be sure to help the child overcome their fear. Talk to the baby. Explain to him that nothing threatens him, you are near and everything is fine. Hug a child or take him in your arms. Speak in a calm, soft, confident voice. If a child is afraid of something concrete, you can carefully bring him closer to the source of fright.For example, if a child was frightened by a dog, slowly introduce him to a kind little dog, give him a pet, explain that it is kind, and so on.

If the conversations do not help, you need to seek help from a child psychiatrist who uses psychotherapeutic techniques, for example, suggestion, hypnosis, etc. Often, sedatives are prescribed: valerian, motherwort, bromine, and sometimes more serious drugs.

How to cure adult fright

In adults, the psyche is more stable and stable. If an adult alone can not cope with their fear, you must go to a psychologist, psychoanalyst or psychiatrist. The specialist will select the appropriate technique for working with the subconscious.

Folk methods

Typically, popular methods of dealing with fear prescribe sedative herbal intake. These usually include the following herbs: lemon balm, mint, St. John's wort, Valerian, motherwort. These charges are effective with regular long-term use.

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