How to Crochet a Horse?

The needlewomen know how much they sometimes wantto create something like that, interesting, unusual, and even so that it would be useful on the farm. Let's knit a horse today. Why her? Because this is a wonderful animal, beautiful, charming, loved by children and adults. In addition, such an article will come in handy as a gift in the year of the Horse. So, you can knit a three-dimensional toy or a flat panel on the wall. If the toy is very simple, then the second option is more interesting. Nem and do.



In order to start crocheting a horse,(orange or brown, white, black), a suitable hook for the yarn (you can take No. 2 or 2,5), thread with needles, eye buttons (or already ready eyes), pencil, cloth on the lining ( this item is optional).

Beginning of work

Begin knitting with a set of six air loopsbrown thread, we enclose them in a ringlet and knit as follows: the first row is equal to twelve columns with a crochet, the second row to twenty-four. In the third row we knit two columns through one, that is, we constantly increase the number. The fourth row - two bars in two, the fifth - two bars in three. As a result, we get a smooth circle. Its magnitude can be different, which one is more like. We finish it with step-by-step black (or dark brown) thread. So we knit two more circles - for a head from a brown yarn and for a muzzle from white (it is not necessary to tie up).horse crochet pattern


How to tie a horse on next? We take the head, we tie the ears. To do this, we knit the first and second rows from six columns without a crochet, the third from four (we tie two tables together on the edges), the fourth one from four, the fifth we cut to two, and the sixth to one loop. In the same way we make the second eye - and the whole head is tied with black threads with the step of a step.

Muzzle and assembly

We take a circle connected by white threads and on itembroider a smile and nose, and then attach the ready muzzle to the head. The next step is the maneuvering of the mane. We take the black thread and do from one side from ear to muzzle several rows of columns without a crochet so that we get some pretty strands. Between the ears we knit three or four strands of bangs. All the resulting sewn to the trunk.

Legs, claws

Crochet the horse further - means do itfour legs and hooves to them. The leg is made so: the chain from air loops which length can be any is typed (at will). We tie it with a pair of rows of columns without a crochet and proceed to hoofs. For them we take four air loops, we knit in the first six columns with a crochet, turn and continue along the half of the to tie a horse

General assembly

So, we knit the horse further. We collect everything, we sew or glue our eyes to the muzzle. You can add a beautiful bow to the mane. We tie the tail to the body. On the reverse side of the product you need to steal and sew the lining (or do not sew, if you do not want to). An eyelet is attached to the head so that the finished panel can be hung on the wall. That's how the horse crochets. The scheme is quite simple, even novice craftsmen can do.

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