How to create gmail?

It is difficult to find today a person who does not have his e-mail inbox. Generally speaking, without an email address, working on the Internet is almost impossible. However, most users do not pay attention to the question on which portal to have their mail, thus exposing their personal data to danger and putting up with all sorts of inconveniences. Today, the most reliable and comfortable to work is considered Gmail-mail from Google.

This article will tell you how to create a mailbox on gmail.

  1. We go to the site, click on the button "Create account".
  2. A window will open, on the left of which you will see advertisements for various Google services, and on the right - a window for filling in parameters.
  3. In the fields "Name" and "Last Name" we indicate our data.
  4. In the field "Create a username" specify the desired name of the mailbox. Gmail allows you to use Latin letters, numbers and periods. In the event that you select a name that is already being used by another user, the service will display a warning - "This name is already taken. Try another one."
  5. In the "Create a password" window specify the desired password.Importantly, Google will not allow you to create a simple password. It will be recommended to use a password in which more than 8 characters, but if all the characters are the same, Google will scold you again, warning that it is a very simple password and easy to pick up.
  6. Next, specify the date of your birth, this field is also required.
  7. Gender can be omitted
  8. Next we work with the fields "Mobile Phone" and "Spare Email Address". One of these fields must be filled in - if you forget the password to the mail, it will be your saving strings.
  9. The last step remains: Google needs to prove that you are not a robot. To do this, enter the text that is shown in the picture. If the text is not readable, you can ask the service to change the picture by clicking on the "Refresh" button (graphically, it is depicted as an arrow rolled into a ring). In addition, Google offers to organize a check by phone, but this function only works if you have entered your phone number in the corresponding field.
  10. In the "Country" field we indicate our country (although this field is not required to be filled in) and accept the terms of service use if you agree with everything you read.
  11. Check that all fields are filled and the necessary checkboxes are, click "Next"
  12. In the window that appears, you can upload a photo and specify other data, if desired. Otherwise, click the "No" button, and in the window that appears, click the "Go to Gmail service" button.
  13. All! You can read the welcome emails from Google and use all the features of the new mailbox.

As you can see, the instruction is very simple, and even a novice user can handle it. We hope you will succeed, and you will be able to appreciate all the features of Gmail-mail.

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