How to create a slideshow?

Regular paging of photos in a folder on a computer is pretty boring. But watching a bright slide show, where the photos are selected on the subject and accompanied by pleasant music - is another matter.

Such an album is interesting for both friends to show, and to reconsider more than once. Creating a beautiful photo slideshow is easy. For this there are convenient special programs.


Is the undisputed leader among the programs for home creating a slide show. It has a very user-friendly interface, a large set of effects, transitions and pre-installed scripts. You can purchase it at the manufacturer, you can download it for free. When launched, the program offers two options for creating a slide show:

  • New project;
  • Slideshow in 5 minutes.

The first involves creating a movie from scratch on your own. Work in this case is as follows:

  1. select the “New Project” item when launching;
  2. open the tab "Add";
  3. in the file tree (on the left) we find the necessary folder with photos and open it;
  4. drag the desired photos from the timeline to the timeline (below) and place them in the required order.

In principle, the slideshow is ready and you can move on to saving it, but if you add music, effects, and transitions, it will become more vibrant and vibrant.

To add effects, you should:

  1. select the Effects tab;
  2. grab the desired effect with the mouse and drag it to the desired frame.

To edit transitions:

  1. select the tab "Transitions";
  2. Drag the transition to the icon between the frames on the scale that you like.

Music is added like this:

  1. select the “Music” tab;
  2. press the button "Add music file";
  3. in the window that opens, find the desired composition on the disk and click the "Open" button.

Additionally, the program allows you to insert collages, titles and screensavers ("Paste" tab). To change the overall background of the video and the time of the slide show, you must click the "Project Settings" button.

Saving result:

When all changes are applied, you can save the results of their work on the computer. For this:

  1. select the tab "Create";
  2. press the button "Create a video slide show";
  3. click the “Yes” button in the pop-up window;
  4. choose a place to save the project file (not video);
  5. select the format in which to save the video (for example, AVI) in a new window and click the Next button;
  6. click the "Convert" button;
  7. specify the location and name to save the video.

If the “Slideshow in 5 Minutes” option was chosen at the start, then to create a video you only need:

  1. choose one of the proposed templates;
  2. specify files for use in the project;
  3. save the project.

Movie Studio Windows Live

Fans of Microsoft software products can make a beautiful slideshow with the help of. Distributed for free, the program has everything you need to produce high-quality clips from photos.

Work in it is similar to the process in Photoshow. Add photos and music by using the buttons "Add videos and photos" and "Add music" in the tab "Home". Transitions and effects are available in the "Animation" and "Visual Effects" tabs.

The advantage of the program is that here it is possible to use both video and video in the video simultaneously. You can save clips in Windows Live Movie Maker, as in Photoshow, in any format.

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