How to create a SAMP server? Ready-made servers SAMP (SAMP)

SAMP is a modification for the legendary GTA: San Andreas, which adds multiplayer. Despite the frankly outdated graphics, the game enjoys an incredible success among gamers. Millions of players around the world, thousands of servers with different modes and game modes. In this article we will answer a common question and talk about how to create a SAMP server.

Own SAMP server

Many people want to create their own SAMP server. Some want to make money on it by selling donat. Others just want to play in a narrow circle of friends without strangers. Unfortunately, many people can not create their own server in SAMP because of the lack of certain knowledge. What to do in this case? Read this article in which we'll talk about how to create a SAMP server without any programming skills. It's not too difficult.

How to create a SAMP server

How to create a SAMP server?

Do you want to create your own server, but do not know where to start? Then this article is for you. After all, now we will talk about how to create a SAMP server. Are you interested? Then read this article!

The first thing to do is determine thethe server version for SAMP. There are several, but the most popular at the moment is version 0.3z. Next, you must select the genre of your server. As mentioned above, there are many different modes in SAMP. The most popular mods for a SAMP server you can see below.

  • RP (from English Role Playing) - a game by roles. In fact, this mode is a simulator of life. You start the game as a homeless person and gradually increase your social status and financial position. On RP-servers players must clearly play their roles, execute RP-rules. In the opposite case, you can get a kick or even varn.
  • RPG (from English Role Playing Game) - one morea genre of servers that is very similar to the RP. The main difference between these two modes is that there are no strict rules on RPG servers and players are not required to play roles.
  • DM (Death Match) - a game of survival. The main goal of the player is to kill. A small card is produced by about 20 armed players, who must kill each other. In addition, there are TDM (Team Death Match) server, where players join one of the warring factions and fight in the team.
  • DayZ - server, copy the popular game in the genre of zombie apocalypse. On such servers, the player has to survive in every way, gather supplies, kill zombies, find transport, etc. etc.
  • Race / Drift / Stunt - servers with racing themes. Race are the usual races that are held between players. Drift - beautiful overcoming of sharp turns. Stunt - driving on the hard-to-reach locations on the car.SAMP Server

Server Procurement

After defining the genre, you can move on tothe next step. It is necessary to download the skeleton, the preparation of our future servak. And you can find ready SAMP servers with different mods. But we need a clean, vanilla archive. Download the version of the server that fits your OS (for example, if you have Windows, then download the appropriate server). After downloading the archive, unpack the contents in a separate folder.

Now we turn to, perhaps, the most interestingstep - familiarity with our server. Open the folder with our 0.3z and see the various files and folders. We are primarily interested in the file server.cfg. With it, we will be able to configure the configuration of our SAMP server. Open the file with a text editor (you can even use a standard notepad).

Ready-made SAMP servers

Configuring the Configuration

Having opened the server.cfg, you can see a lot of different configurations. At first glance, everything seems very complicated, but in fact it is absolutely not so. Let's look at each line of code together.

  • Echo Executing Server Config ... is a standard line that should not be changed. Its main function is to inform the system that the server.cfg file is a config file.
  • Lanmode - a line that allows you to choose the method of connection. 0 - the game over the Internet (leave this value), and 1 - the game on the local network.
  • Rcon_password - RCON-password for your server. A little later we'll figure out what it is, but for now, change the default password to any other password (this is mandatory).
  • Maxplayers - the maximum number of players on your server. Any value from 1 to 1000 can be set.
  • Port - the server port. At this stage, you do not need to edit this parameter, so go ahead.
  • Hostname is the name of your server that will be displayed in the server list. We change "SA-MP 0.3 Server" to its name.
  • Gamemode0 - a game mod (the one you chose at the beginning). So far we do not need this, so we skip and go further.
  • Filterscripts is a string with which we can connect additional scripts for our SAMP server.
  • Weburl is the official site of the server.

The remaining parameters should not be touched, since they are necessary for more detailed configuration of configurations. All the basic configurations we need to work with are discussed above.

Starting the server

Monitoring servers of the SAMP

Having configured the configs, save server.cfg. Now the time has come, it's time to look at your offspring. In order to look at our server, run the file samp-server.exe. This file is designed to run and preview the server. If you correctly configured the config, then you will open the Console (command line).

The first thing you need to do when you go to the server -learn its IP. Since the server is on your computer, it will also have an appropriate ip address. But how do you find out the IP of your PC? Everything is very simple. There are a lot of services on the Internet that allow you to do this. One such is 2IP. Just go to this resource and click on the numbers after the line "Your IP address." After that, you will receive a message "Your IP is copied to the clipboard."

Now open the SAMP client and press the button"Add to Favorites". In the opened window, insert the received IP (do this with the hotkey Ctrl + V). After that we write the symbol ":", which separates the IP address and port. Having done this, we enter the port, which is specified in your server.cfg (since we did not change it, we insert 7777). Click OK and, voila, now your server is added to the Favorite List. Now in the corresponding list the data about your server is updated and it will be available for the game.

We go to the server

Mods for SAMP server

Select our server in the list and click the "Play" button. Congratulations, you came to your server. Is it boring to run to one? Call your friends and start having fun.

How to become an administrator on your server? In order to obtain special rights, you must log in as an administrator. To do this, you must use the password that you specified in server.cfg. Open the chat (English T) and write / rcon login Your Password. If you entered the correct password, the message "You are logged in as admin" will be shown to you in the chat.

SAMP server commands

SAMP server commands

As you know, administrators manage the serverthrough special commands. But how do you know these commands? Everything is very simple. You just need to enter the chat / rcon cmdlist. Then you will see a huge list of different teams, with which you can kick, ban players, change gravity, weather, kill with one bullet and much more.

The result

Now you have your own server, but thatdo next? How to make mega successful project out of it? First, for this you need a good hosting. Despite what kind of PC you have, it is unlikely to keep the server 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without a break. It is for this reason is worth ordering a good hosting.

In addition, a popular server must have an official site with a domain no lower than the second level. It can hold various contests, promotions, announce events, etc.

Keeping a successful server is not an easy task. Therefore, you need a whole team, which must necessarily include programmers, mappers, PR specialists and scripters. It is also necessary to recruit a group of moderators who can put things in order on the server, ban cheaters, etc.

Well, in order to make your serveryou need PR. You can order advertising from a popular flyleyplikaschik, arrange a major rally or get out in the top, using monitoring servers SAMP. There are many ways to attract players and promotion of the server.

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