How to create a dream?

Are you dreaming to become popular, to get the Nobel Prize, to visit exotic islands, to buy an airplane? Think about it, believe that everything is real. All our thoughts are material, the main thing is to learn how to use it. Rationalists believe that dreams come true only when a person makes efforts. But the esotericists assure that you just have to want ... well, in general, you can fly into space. Let's not support one or the other side, but simply combine their thoughts into a single system in order to understand how to create a dream and how to make it come true.


Find free time, a comfortable place and sort things out. Try to understand more clearly what you want, what you need. Suddenly it seems to you, for example, that you dream of an expensive car, but in reality, in the shower, you just really want to attract the attention of women? The dream must be purely your personal, not far-fetched, not imposed by anyone.

Imagine that you won a million dollars or that you only have a month to live. Or that you met a genie who will fulfill your every desire.Your actions? What do you do first or guess? Just answer yourself very quickly, a maximum of 1-2 minutes to think about, so that your subconscious speaks, extracting the most intimate desire from the depths of your heart. Otherwise, how to realize a dream about which you do not suspect?


Take a piece of paper and a pen and describe in detail all the qualities and characteristics that your imagination should possess. After this, the dream will become more real, it will take on some concrete forms, and you will begin to understand it. So, by little, it becomes the goal. Having stated your goal on paper, you will believe in the possibility of its realization.

Internal enemy

You want to become rich, but do not know how to believe in a dream, how to realize it? You not only doubt that such a course of events is possible, but you are not completely sure that money will not spoil you and your life? If you think so, then you do not allow yourself to succeed; you block the dream, kill it. Write down all your doubts on a piece of paper: “What is the reason that I cannot go on a world tour? I'm just scared that ... ". Get out of yourself all the ridiculous fears, kill the enemy of your happiness, who settled inside you.

Positive thoughts

How to fulfill your dream? Look for negative beliefs, they forbid your fantasy to become a reality. Always use only affirmative sentences when describing your future actions that will bring the dream closer to you. For example, if you want a house, think and say: “I already have a beautiful house. I like to live in it, I am happy with my home. ” Believe that this house is already yours or that you are about to receive it. You have to believe in it and wait, not just hope. Yes, it is difficult, but if you practice, you will be able to restructure your consciousness as you wish.

Visual fantasy

To make your wish come true, look at it visually. Draw it and watch it every day, more and more believing that it will be exactly the way you want it. How to draw a dream? Very simple. Want to become a star and sing on the big stage - draw yourself with a microphone, speaking in front of a large number of viewers. You can make a collage of several desires. Take a stand, stick pictures of your desires on it: a chic villa on the islands, a network of restaurants, a car, a wedding (puppet bride and groom), children, everything you want.Visualize, imagine in detail where you spend a million, how you feel a surge of pride in your reward, how you embrace your children and hear their cheerful laughter. If you will every day, time after time, imagine that everything that you want you already have, then by the power of your thought you will begin to attract help: people, circumstances, luck, events.

Initial position

Determine what you have at the start. You dream of a beautiful husband, look soberly at your appearance. Want to open a business? Think about your education, start-up capital, find out everything you need, research the relevant market. Assessing the suitability of your position to your aspirations, you will begin the countdown.


You cannot understand how to realize your dreams without a detailed action plan. For a start, set yourself a timeline. Think about what the deadline for the implementation of this plan will be. In this way, you will program its achievement in your consciousness and send the thought into space that it is on such and such a number that you will get what you want. When you become clearly aware of your desires, proceed to the plan for the realization of the dream. Make a chronology of actions on their priority.

Never give up

Perhaps you will spend all this on not a week or a month, but more. But dreams, then dreams, to desire them. They do not come true as quickly as we would like. The main thing is not to give up, do not stop believing that everything will be as you wish. Forget about failure and failure, they do not exist for you. Difficulties will seem insurmountable to you, but this is their task. Be stronger and do not give in to them! If your faith is unshakable, if you are persistent and persistent, then you can definitely achieve your dreams.

Rejoice for what you have

Do not turn the dream into the meaning of life. For some reason, according to some unknown laws, dreams come true for those people who, realizing them, thus, do not make them the meaning of their lives. Rejoice in what you already have, and everything else will come, because now you know how to fulfill your dream.

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