How to cook soup with sausage?

This soup is cooked in a hurry, and the entire cooking process takes 10 minutes.

So, to make a delicious soup with sausage,you need to take: 200 gr. sausages, a handful of noodles for refueling, a bulb and 4-5 pcs. potatoes. To begin with, the sausage is cut into small cubes and put into a pan with boiling water. While it is cooked, peeled onions, finely shredded and fried in a frying pan, after pouring onto it a tablespoon of sunflower oil. Potato tubers are washed, cleaned and cut into small pieces, then they are put in boiling salted water, in which sausages are already brewed. After about five minutes, they fill a handful of small noodles and add the onion roast. Boil the soup for another 10 minutes, until the potatoes and noodles are ready.

Soup with smoked sausage and rice

To cook this simple and richthe soup should be taken: 0.3 cups of rice, 300 grams. smoked sausage, half a liter of tomato juice, medium-sized carrots, 2 tbsp each. spoons of canned peas and corn. Pour tomato juice into a saucepan and add a liter of water. Drain the washed rice and mix. While rice is boiled, cut into cubes smoked sausage and carrots, they are lowered into a pan. Add canned corn with peas, salt to taste and leave the soup cook until rice is ready. For a couple of minutes until ready, add chopped green onions and bell peppers to the saucepan.

Delicious soup with sausage and carrots

The three-liter pan will need: carrots, 200 gr. sausages, large onion, 4-5 pcs. potatoes of medium size, greens and oil for roasting. Water for soup is put on the fire, and when water boils, put in it peeled and cut into small potatoes. While he is cooking, prepare the frying pan - pour a little sunflower oil on the frying pan, add finely chopped onion and sausage, cut into cubes. When carrots and onions lightly blush, put a peeled and finely grated carrot on a frying pan. Hold the frying on the fire for another 5 minutes, and then shift it into a pot of soup. Brew it for another four minutes, then pour into plates and sprinkle with herbs.

Very fragrant and hearty soup of sausage with cheese

For preparation it is necessary to take: 300 gr. smoked sausages (can be replaced with regular sausage or brisket), 2 processed cheese, large onion, 3 pcs. potatoes, 3 tbsp. spoons of rice, a slice of garlic, greens and salt. Peeled carrots shred on grater, bulbs finely chopped. Sausages cut into small half rings and fry for about 5 minutes. Add the prepared carrots and onions to the pan and, stirring occasionally, fry them for another 4 minutes. Put the pot of water on the fire, the curds are put for a short while in the freezer. When the water boils, put the washed rice into it, and then grinded on a fine grater cheese and diced potatoes. After about ten minutes, when the rice is almost ready, add roast with sausage. Soup with sausage is tasted and if necessary dosed, put into it finely chopped garlic and herbs. Then cover the pan with a lid and turn off the fire.

Assorted Solyanka

Perhaps, this is the most delicious soup with sausage. To make it, you need to take 200 grams. smoked sausage, brisket and milk sausage, 4-5 pcs. potatoes, carrots, a large onion, 6 pieces of olives, half a lemon, tomato paste and a couple of medium-sized cucumbers. Sausage is diced and poured into boiling water. There, too, the diced potatoes are sent and, while it is being cooked, a roast is prepared from a finely grated carrot and a chopped onion. When the broth and potatoes begin to boil, fry the vegetables and pickled cucumbers, cut into cubes. A few minutes before the readiness put olives, cut into rings, a couple of spoons of tomato paste, several peas of pepper, cut into half-rings of lemon. A rich, aromatic soup is poured on plates and green for flavor.

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