How to cook shish kebab in the oven

Kebabs in the oven - at home and in nature

The aroma of the fire and the savory taste of the kebab immediately evoke the most pleasant holiday associations: rest, vacation, country trips with friends, get-togethers at the cottage in the family circle ... Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get out into the countryside. But you can make barbecue at home! It is enough to marinate the meat, strung it on skewers and bake in the oven. Meat kebabs in the oven can be supplemented with vegetables: onions, eggplants, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes.

shish kebab in the oven

How to make a kebab in the oven? General recommendations

Practically any meat is suitable for making homemade kebabs: pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, beef. Fish kebabs that can be made from salmon, tuna, pangasius and any other fish without stones are also tasty and unusual. Meat should be chosen fresh, moderately fat. Coriander, thyme, rosemary, cardamom are suitable as seasonings.

Grilled shashlik in the oven

The owners of the grill are even more fortunate: if the kebab is not just baked, but reddened under the grill, it will turn out even more juicy and tasty than in a conventional to make a kebab in the ovenIn addition, you can cook shish kebabs in a grill-gas pan - for this, pickled meat should be placed in a bowl, without stringing on skewers, and kept there until ready.

Meat preparation. Homemade marinades

In order for the kebab in the oven to be juicy, tasty and fragrant, the meat needs to be marinated properly. This is best done in the evening, on the eve of the day on which the preparation of kebabs is planned. The basis of the marinade should be sour, suitable for it vinegar, lemon juice, dry wine. But remember that you should not abuse the acid, otherwise the meat will be tough. An interesting and unusual way of marinating meat in highly carbonated mineral water. Pieces of meat and vegetables need to pour mineral water with gas and leave for at least an hour. So, the main product is marinated very quickly, it turns out very delicate and fragrant.


The meat pieces need to be strung on skewers, put on a baking sheet and placed in a preheated oven. Some cooks advise putting an onion cushion on the bottom of the pan.shish kebab in the oven grillFor this you need to chop the onion in half rings. It not only gives the dish its aroma and tenderness, but also itself acquires a pleasant taste, so it can be served with a kebab or used to make a sauce.Bake the meat to readiness, checking with a skewer. You should not use too high temperatures, otherwise the middle of the pieces will remain damp, and the edges will burn. The optimal temperature is 180 degrees. Meat can be watered down with squeezing juice to prevent drying.

Table setting

Skewers in the oven is best served on the same skewers on which they were baked. An ideal addition to this dish is a salad (or sliced) made from fresh vegetables. As with any baked meat, fresh greens are perfectly combined with kebabs. In recent years, this method of serving kebabs, such as wrapping in pita bread, has become widespread. To do this, on a sheet of pita you need to put the pieces of finished meat, fresh or canned vegetables, young dill.

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How to cook shish kebab in the oven 57

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