How to cook ratatouille: the best recipe

Everyone can cook ratatouille, because this is ordinary. There are many cooking options for this dish. It can be baked in the oven, stewed in a saucepan or a slow cooker. Today we will present several detailed recipes.

how to cook ratatouille

Ratatouille (recipe): cooking a delicious vegetable lunch at home

The most common method of cooking this dish is the one that involves the use of the oven. With this kitchen device you can quickly and easily make not only delicious, but also a beautiful lunch.

So you want to know how to make ratatouille? Then you need to prepare the following products:

  • sweet pepper - about 2 pcs. (it is better to take a different color);
  • deodorized vegetable oil (for example, olive oil) - about 5 large spoons;
  • ripe fleshy tomatoes - about 300 g + 5-6 pcs. for sauce;
  • garlic cloves - 2-4 pcs .;
  • large sweet bulbs - 1 pc .;
  • fresh thyme - 3 sprigs;
  • fresh parsley - use to taste;
  • laurel - 1 leaf;
  • fresh zucchini with soft skin - 1 pc .;
  • eggplant is not too big - 1 pc .;
  • fresh yellow squash - 1 pc .;
  • salt iodized and chopped pepper - apply to taste.

Vegetable preparation

How to cook "Ratatouille" quickly and tasty? First you need to wash the eggplant, zucchini, squash and part of the tomato. Then they are required to cut the stem and chop into thin circles. In this case, remove the skin from vegetables should not to cook ratatouille recipe

Cooking sauce

Before telling you how to cook ratatouille in the oven, you should tell how to make a sauce for such a dish. Indeed, without pouring a vegetable lunch can get dry and unforgettable.

First you need to wash the tomatoes and peppers, blanch them, and then carefully remove the peel-film. After that, both ingredients should be placed in a blender and beat until a homogeneous slurry at the highest speed. Next, you need to put the vegetable mass in the pan, add deodorized olive oil, thyme sprigs, laurel, salt, chopped onion, pepper and parsley, and then simmer under the lid for about 20-27 minutes. In conclusion, 1-2 grated garlic cloves are to be put into the sauce.

Formation process

How to cook ratatouille? The recipe presented dishes recommends using a round and deep shape. At its bottom is required to lay out the previously prepared sauce, and then put the circles of vegetables. After that, the products should be sprinkled with salt, grated garlic and pepper.

Baking process

Before cooking ratatouille, the kitchen device should be heated to a temperature of 200 degrees. It is necessary to bake the formed dish for 50-60 minutes.everyone can cook ratatouille

Serving baked in the oven vegetable stew

Now you know how to make ratatouille. The recipe of the mentioned dish recommends serving it to the table only in a hot condition. Beautifully distributing dinner on a plate, it should be presented to guests along with light or dark bread and fresh sour cream. By the way, it is possible to use such a dish together with meat products (fried, boiled, stewed, etc.).

How to cook ratatouille? Recipe to create a multicooker

If you want to not only make delicious, but also quickly make vegetable stew, then we recommend using a slow cooker. In such a kitchen device, cooking a dish called ratatouille is very easy and simple.For this we need:

  • ripe fleshy tomatoes - about 300 g + 3 pcs. for making sauce;
  • Pepper is not very large - 1 pc. (it is better to take the yellow color);
  • deodorized vegetable oil (for example, olive oil) - about 5 large spoons;
  • garlic cloves - 2 pcs .;
  • large sweet bulbs (purple or white) - 1 pc .;
  • sour cream or mayonnaise fatty - 2 large spoons;
  • fresh parsley - use to taste;
  • fresh zucchini with soft skin - 1 pc .;
  • eggplant is not too big - 1 pc .;
  • zucchini with soft skin - 1 pc .;
  • Salt iodized and chopped allspice - apply to taste.

ratatouille recipe cooking at home

Vegetable processing

How to cook ratatouille in a slow cooker? First you need to process the vegetables. Eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and zucchini need to be washed in warm water, and then cut off the navels and the stem. Next, the products must be cut into thin circles. At the same time they should not be peeled.

If you have purchased too large vegetables, then shred them better into semicircles. After all, the only way they can be beautifully put in the bowl multicooker.

Cooking refueling

As mentioned above, a dish called “ratatouille” will turn out to be the most delicious and juicy if you do it with a tomato dressing.For its preparation is required to blanch the sweet peppers and tomatoes, and then peel them from the thin peel. You should also chop the sweet onion and chop the greens.

After the products are ready, you need to pour olive oil into the bowl of the slow cooker and heat it in baking mode. Next, you need to fry the onion slightly in the same program, and then add to it the tomatoes and Bulgarian sweet pepper, ground in a blender. Stew all ingredients preferably in the appropriate mode for hour.

In conclusion, the vegetable mass should be flavored with grated garlic cloves, fresh parsley, salt and pepper. After mixing the ingredients, you also need to add a couple of spoons of mayonnaise or sour cream.

how to cook ratatouille photo

We form a dish in the slow cooker

After the tomato-sour cream sauce is ready, ½ part of it should be removed from the bowl, and the rest should be evenly distributed along the bottom. Next in the slow cooker you want to put beautifully circles or semicircles of vegetables. In this case, it is recommended to alternate between them. For example: eggplant, zucchini, tomato and zucchini. After all the vegetables are in the bowl, they should be poured over the remaining sauce and seasoned with grated garlic.

Heat treatment

After a beautiful formation of the dish, it should be closed and stewed in the appropriate mode for about 40 minutes. During this time, the vegetables should be completely soft and soak up the flavors of tomato sauce.

Properly serving to the table a delicious vegetable dish

Your attention was presented a detailed way of how to cook ratatouille. You can see photos of this dish in this article. After the slow cooker notifies you about the completion of its program, you can safely distribute lunch to the plates. It is advisable to serve it to family members or friends only in a hot (at best, warm) condition. Additionally, vegetables can be flavored with fresh herbs or sprinkled with lemon juice. Also they are recommended to present fresh dark or light bread. Bon Appetit!

how to cook ratatouille in the oven

Let's sum up

We told about how you can cook your own vegetable stew called ratatouille. However, it should be noted that the dish presented is allowed to bake or stew not only in an oven or a slow cooker, but also on an ordinary stove. To do this, use a deep saucepan. At the same time, vegetables can be cut or laid out in a dish not in the manner described above, but in a chaotic manner. In any case, this dish will be very satisfying.If desired, it can be further flavored with any seasonings and spices. So you will get an even more intense and flavorful dinner, which will serve as an ideal dish for both everyday and festive table. Try it, and you will see this statement yourself.

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