How to cook lentils quickly and tasty?

Unfortunately, in the CIS countries, lentils have not yet gained such popularity as other leguminous plants (peas, beans, soybeans). And in other countries, especially in Asia and Africa, dishes from it are very common. Many of our housewives simply do not know how to cook lentils to make delicious dishes.How to cook lentilsLentil is a plant that has been cultivated by mankind since time immemorial. People from all over the ancient world included it in their diet, and for the poor it was the main food, and noble people used it as a delicacy with healing properties. The cooks who cook these legumes for the nobility knew how to boil lentils in order to please the exquisite taste of their masters.

In Ancient Russia, a couple of centuries ago, various dishes were prepared from this culture and even baked rich bread from it. Our contemporaries have almost forgotten how to cook lentils according to the recipes of our ancestors.

This culture is of high nutritional value, since 100 g of grains contain about 25 g of valuable vegetable protein, about 55 g of carbohydrates and only 1 g of fat.It is thanks to this composition that these legumes can be satisfied by eating a small portion of dishes prepared from it. On average, the caloric content of 100 g of this product is 310 kcal.Delicious lentils

In different countries, most often grow 3 types of these legumes, which differ in the color of grains (red, brown, green). Red lentils, which has no shell, is called "Egyptian." It boils quickly and has a nutty flavor. It is ideal for soups, vegetable stews, cereals and mashed potatoes. Green lentils (“French”) are unripe grains. It is used for meat dishes and salads, because it is almost never boiled soft and retains the shape of the grain. She cooks longer red lentils. Grains of brown color indicate that these legumes are fully ripened. How to cook lentils in this case? Such beans are much faster prepared, emitting a pleasant nutty flavor. In the process of cooking you need to constantly monitor the condition of the grains, because they can be boiled soft and turn into an unpleasant-looking porridge. Brown lentil is most often used for casseroles, soups, add it to salads and to stew.

The advantage of lentils is that it is not necessary to soak it before cooking. These legumes are salted at the very end of cooking, because they cook longer in salt water. To the grain is not digested, they are put in boiling water. It is difficult to answer exactly the question of how much to cook lentils, because for its different varieties need different time for cooking. It is usually cooked on low heat for 15-60 minutes. If you need a whole lentil, the most important thing is to constantly monitor it so that the grains do not boil soft.How much to cook lentils

Delicious lentils with tomato puree and onion are cooked rather quickly. For this dish it is boiled until cooked, the water is drained, and butter is added to the grains (2 tablespoons butter per cup of raw lentils). A large onion is fried in vegetable oil and 3-4 tablespoons of l is added to it. tomato puree. All ingredients are mixed and served, decorated with greens.

How to cook lentils for a tasty paste? Any grains are boiled until fully cooked. Salt and spices are added to taste. Fry carrots and onions, and then together with lentils they are ground in a blender or meat grinder. To the resulting mass add chopped garlic (to taste) and a little butter.All ingredients are thoroughly mixed until uniform.

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