How to cook dried mushrooms: several options

Mushrooms must be present in the diet. It is a storehouse of nutrients and just a nutritious product. So that it is always at hand, you can use a dried analogue. Dry mushrooms are stored for a long time and do not lose their nutritional properties. In the process of cooking, they give the dish all its flavor and taste. If you follow the technology correctly, you will get an original dish. How to cook dried mushrooms?

How to Cook Dried MushroomsSoup from this product is the presentpiece of art. Aromatic, appetizing and rich, it will not leave indifferent even connoisseurs of delicious food. Before preparing dried mushrooms, they should be thoroughly rinsed and soaked in clean water for 2-3 hours. Then the liquid is drained and mushrooms are used to make the soup. Mushroom soup is prepared as follows. It is necessary to take 1.5 cups of pre-soaked, dried mushrooms. We boil them in water and put them in a separate bowl. We cut mushrooms into smaller pieces, if they are large. In the broth, in which they were brewed, add two-thirds of a glass of rice, and cook for about 10 minutes. Three small potatoes are cleaned and cut into strips or cubes. Pour into a saucepan and cook until done. In the end, add chopped mushrooms and one cream cheese. Salt and pepper to taste. The rich soup is ready.

Dried mushrooms how to cookAs an additional ingredient,use not only rice, but also pasta. They are added at the end of cooking so that they do not boil. But the main constituent of this dish is dried mushrooms.
How to cook with this ingredient? This vegetarian dish is prepared in the same way as the analogue with meat. It will take 300 grams of any dried mushrooms, two carrots (large), one onion, half a kilogram of rice and spices at will.

How to cook dried mushrooms in this version? To begin with, they must be soaked for a while. Then the water is drained and mushrooms are boiled for an hour. Large specimens are cut into pieces. Carrots are cleaned and cut into medium size straws. You can grate it, but it depends on personal preferences. The bulb should be cleaned and cut into small cubes.

How much to cook dried cepsWhen all the ingredients are prepared,we proceed to the very process of preparation. We take cauldron for pilau or a saucepan with a thick bottom. Pour it vegetable oil and fry in it onion. Then spread the carrots and bring it to a soft state. These ingredients are fried first before preparing dried mushrooms. Add them after the onions and carrots, and stew all the ingredients for 15 minutes. Now you can pour the prepared spices. Rice is preferably pre-soaked in water and washed several times. A long-grain steamed product is suitable for this dish, but you can take any. We pour rice into the cauldron and add water to it. It should be one and a half times more than cereals. Add salt and barberry. Stirring is impossible. Now we close the lid of the cauldron and cook it on a small fire until it is ready.

The most nutritious are white fungi. It is a protein-rich product that can replace meat in its properties. How much to cook dried mushrooms? They are prepared similarly to other species. Pre-soaked product is cooked until ready and added to any dish.

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How to cook dried mushrooms: several options How to cook dried mushrooms: several options How to cook dried mushrooms: several options How to cook dried mushrooms: several options How to cook dried mushrooms: several options How to cook dried mushrooms: several options How to cook dried mushrooms: several options