How to cook a crucian?

Crucian carp is the most common river fish, which is found in the catch of fishermen very often. Preparing a dish of crucian carp is not so difficult, because today there are several dozen recipes for their preparation. So, let's consider how to cook a crucian.

Carp in sour cream

The first recipe is a traditional dish made from this type of fish. In order to start cooking, it is necessary to prepare half a glass of vegetable oil, a few onions, 1 kg of crucian carp, three eggs, two glasses of sour cream, breadcrumbs, herbs and salt to taste. So, let's consider how to cook crucian in sour cream.

First, the crucian carp must be cleaned of scales, gut all the insides and salt. Onion cut into small pieces and fry in a pan in sunflower oil. Beat eggs, then mix with fried onions. Now we roll the fish in the resulting mixture, then add to it the breadcrumbs and fry the fish in the mixture on both sides.After that, we shift the fish to another pan and pour it with sour cream, then cook in this mixture, but do not let it boil. Ready-made fried carp are laid out on plates and sprinkled with herbs to taste.

However, there is a second recipe for fried crucian carp in sour cream. Let's look at it in more detail, as it is slightly different from the first.

Crucians are cleared of scales and viscera, gills are removed. Fish is washed under running water. Mix the flour, salt and pepper, then roll the fish in this mixture. In a different way, this process is called breading. Now put the fish in the pan and begin to fry until golden brown. It is advisable to put the fish already on a hot frying pan, otherwise it will stick.

Now we put the crucian carp in special baking molds, put it on with thick onion rings, pour in a thick layer of sour cream and put it in the oven. Thus, it is easy to understand how to cook a crucian in the oven. Finished crucians can be served as a separate dish.

Baked crucians in sour cream are prepared according to the same recipe. It is necessary to sprinkle the whole carcass or a large piece to taste with salt, breaded and fry some time in melted butter.Now, on an oval baking tray, pour in some sour cream sauce and drown fish in it. Also there you can put a few potatoes. Sprinkle everything with grated cheese and breadcrumbs and bake until the thin brown crust forms. Thus, it will be possible to understand that the fish is ready. It is advisable to serve crucians in the same pot that was used to bake them. You can decorate the dish with the help of greenery.

Deep-fried carp

Now let's look at how to cook crucian marinated in deep fat. Today, in order to get fresh carp it is not necessary to spend the whole day on fishing. Today it can be purchased on the market or in a specialty store. After you bring the catch home, you should rinse it thoroughly and put it in a bowl. The next thing we do is take a bow, peel it and put it in the fish, after cutting it into thin slices. Sprinkle the fish with salt, sugar and a few pinches of ground red pepper.

It is advisable to add a few pinch of coriander to the crucified carp. You can also pour crucian carp with a few spoons of red wine, since sweet crucian meat should preferably be diluted with pleasant sourness. It remains only to mix everything that happened and cover with a lid.Thus, we marinate crucians, making the future dish original and tasty.

While the fish is pickled, you can start preparing the dressing, which will be used for dipping the fish into it. To do this, we need a few tablespoons of ketchup, which is poured into a bowl, he adds a pinch of hot pepper, a pinch of coriander, garlic, and a little greens. Do not forget to mix the resulting mixture and add a few spoons of wine to it. Thus, the dressing will be a little watery.

After that, in our mixture, you need to add a small amount of sour cream. We also add sour cream to the fish, thus the second stage of marinating begins. Now you need to prepare all the materials for roasting fish meat.

If you fry small fish in deep fat, then the bones that are inside will dissolve almost to zero. An excellent dish for deep-frying pan will be a frying pan with high edges. Put fish into it, dilute it with thin onion rings and fry. Touch carp, while they are in the oil, is strictly prohibited, as they can simply fall apart.Only after the lower part of the fish is fried to a shiny crust, it must be turned over. After that, the second side will roast several times faster than the first.

Now, using a skimmer, we pick up each fish and send it to a specially prepared plate in which it will swell from the oil. Thus, fry all the fish until the last piece.

Crucian soup

Now let's look at how to cook carp fish in soup. First, we will need to cut cabbage, beets, onions into small pieces and fry these ingredients in a large amount of vegetable oil until softened. Now we part one tablespoon of flour into three tablespoons of boiled water and mix with the resulting vegetable mixture. Previously, you can boil broth from small fish, after which you can remove the fish from it and continue cooking with it.

Bring it to a boil and dip the vegetables prepared in advance into it. After that, you can cook the soup in the usual way. Now clean the carp, cut into pieces, if they are large enough, roll in flour and fry in vegetable oil for a few minutes.Now we put the finished crucians into the cooking soup five minutes before the end of the cooking process. Do not forget to put in a bowl of soup a little sour cream and herbs.

Also in the soup you can add a little herring, which will betray him an unusual taste. Herring must be soaked in advance in milk or kvass, toss it in flour and fry in butter. Such a herring is dipped in a borsch along with ready crucians. Thus, we get a unique soup.

To cook this soup, we need:

  • 600 grams of crucian carp
  • 400 grams of fish stuff
  • 2 onions
  • two medium beets
  • 300 grams of fresh cabbage
  • 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • one tablespoon of vinegar
  • one glass of wheat flour
  • half a cup of genuine country sour cream
  • salt, pepper and herbs to taste

There is a huge number of recipes for cooking carp. And all because in Central Russia it is this fish that is the most popular among fishermen. Combining business with pleasure you can not only spend time doing your favorite thing, but also prepare a delicious dish. Before the good housewives never get the question of how to cook carp.She knows that any combination of vegetables with this wonderful fish will be delicious, and experiments allow you to come up with more and more new recipes for this dish.

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