How to conquer it?

You are madly in love with a young man, but he does not pay attention to you, and you do not know how to win his heart? This situation is very common in our lives, but if you find the right approach to a man, then soon the situation can change dramatically, and, in your favor. So how to conquer it? The most important thing is to get him interested, to give a “signal” to conquer you.

Attract and intrigue him

All men are conquerors by nature, therefore, for a start, you need to get his attention and intrigue. Here, the main "weapon" of seduction, will be your appearance. It should be such that a man could not help noticing you. Only, most importantly, do not overdo it, a vulgar girl is not one normal man will not tolerate. Now, you need to intrigue him. Here, let the entrance all your ingenuity and resourcefulness, most importantly, to arouse his interest, but, just, do not have to replay.

Make friends with him

Become his best and irreplaceable friend. For example, you wanted to know more about him, but you do not know how to invite him to a private meeting.Inadvertently tell me what you like, for example, Italy, with its traditions, culture and cuisine. You would really like to try Italian dishes. He wants to surprise you somehow, invites you to an Italian restaurant, considering that it was his idea, and that, in general, he is very smart. On this date, you can talk to him on all the topics that interest you.

In communication, constantly emphasize its dignity and carefully listen to it. Try to help in solving urgent problems, be caring, periodically, treat him with your culinary creations - in short, accustom to the idea that you will always be with him, and he can count on you at any difficult moment.

Try to change and be different

At meetings with your mutual friends, try to be smiling and cheerful (or, conversely, modest). Here, you can play in contrasts, have fun all evening, and then, abruptly load. It is very important at this time to stay close to him so that he can notice changes in your behavior. This is an excellent heart-to-heart talk. And if you still, in between times, let me understand that thanks to him, your bad mood has evaporated, then his sympathy to you is already guaranteed.A hike in a cafe, a walk in the park is an excellent reason to show yourself from the attentive listener. This will become a kind of test for your compatibility with him, that is, if his conversations for you prove to be boring and unpleasant, then at this stage it is necessary to stop the tactics of conquest. In an intimate meeting, you can try on the image of an energetic and relaxed girl. In general, try to experiment, watch and analyze.

The combination of images will create the impression of your versatility: then, you are a modest woman, then an erudite girl, then a wonderful listener, then a passionate tigress. Men, by nature, are polygamous, and tend to conquer different women. And, here, in you there are so many different images, he will have to recognize you from different sides every time.


Yes, in the truest sense of the word. You can go somewhere on vacation, to the sea, for example. Be sure to bring him some souvenir from there. If he meets you with open arms and phrases, like: “I missed you so much, I didn’t have enough for you,” it means that your absence was noticed, and you are not indifferent to him, he is already “on the hook”. And the problem of how to win it, almost solved.

Love his interests

A man will appreciate the fact that you share his interests with him. At the beginning of a relationship it is very important to show a man that you are interested in knowing about his hobbies, hobbies. Go with him to football (hockey, basketball) matches of his favorite team, or watch them on TV at home, go fishing with him, talk about car themes or computer games, for example. Perhaps even you yourself will like his hobby, and, as you know, the common cause brings together. At the same time, try not to limit the personal space of your man, and all his free time to be with him can irritate him. You don’t want to push him away with your obsession?


If your relationship has already crossed the line of intimacy, then you can experiment a little on the sexual theme. For example, use all your accumulated erotic experience and fantasy. Oral sex in a variety of positions, quick sex. After a while, change your behavior on the opposite: under any pretext, refuse sex. And then any man will be very interested, for what reason this metamorphosis occurred.He will be hurt that you cool to him. Then, after a pause, again begin to flirt with him, flirt. Start a conversation with him, undo the buttons and surrender to him again! If after this relationship with him did not become closer, then admit it, you really are not in his taste.

Learn to cook delicious

Another little trick on how to conquer it is the ability to cook tasty. Of course, if you already know how to cook - this is incomparably your plus. And if not, sign up for cooking classes, learn to cook with your mom, leaf through cooking books - and surprise the man of your dreams with homemade culinary dishes. Since, the path to the heart of a man lies through his stomach.

Now you know how to conquer it. However, do not forget that a man must be completely sure that it was he who conquered you, and not vice versa! The main thing is not to overdo it in your tactics of winning the heart of a man, everywhere there should be a measure, and then he will always be with you.

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